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better than real

Malilith Ila
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a girl that eats lots like Hyungshik and is trying to diet to keep her weight down haha!
is the leader of the family like Junyoung and love the power intensely.
a September baby like Minwoo who enjoys coke and is hyper.
proud of her cooking like Kevin who is also the oldest in the group.
a little crazy like Heechul only that not as pretty as him.
styles herself without caring too much about what people say like Siwan.
ssanti like Kwanghee and is called a diva because of her high heels.
is shy but talks alot with the people she knows like Taehun.
somehow wishes that she could do acrobatics like how Dongjun does it.
lives like ZE:A will come someday to her and is a proud ZE:A'STYLE and Hottest! <---Wooyoung biased in 2PM