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Queen Heechullie

For A Week [Part 1 out of 2]

 Title: For a week [Part 1 out of 2]
Author: Ila Way!
Fandom: ZE:A
Pairing: HeeShik, hints at SiWoo
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Smut
Disclaimer: I don't own Heechul, Hyungshik, Kevin or any of ZE:A members but I do own the right to love them ;]
Warning: Boys fucking boys, toys, unpredictability and lots of stupidity


"Ahhhh, Chul hyung, that hurts!" screamed Hyungshik when Heechul fastened the red scarf around his wrists a bit too tight. It doesn't hurt much actually but he just wanted to make it vocal, letting Heechul thought that he's weak and delicate. It is one thing that he liked doing actually, pretending like he's so weak, so that Heechul would be turned on with his pained voice. "Hyung~ What did I do to deserve this?" Hyungshik whined, even though he knew why Heechul is acting that way. Deep inside he smiled, he had been waiting for Heechul to attack him since he didn't get any advance from Heechul for like... what... a week already? He knew a week is actually not that long but getting to be with Heechul all day long for that long time without getting anything out of him is really a torture to him. He can see Heechul, he can stare at him, he can touch him just for a short while but he can't do anything to him.

His needy eyes can stare at Heechul's crotch all he want and he can stare at his ass as well but he can't touch it and it's driving him crazy. What makes the torture even worse is the fact that he can't even kiss him. Heechul being a flirt even when he's around doesn't help in easing the problem as well.

He had been watching, when Heechul let Minwoo touch his abs, caressing them like how a fangirl would do. He sometimes hate that Minwoo is such a fanboy over Heechul but he can't say anything about it. Heechul might think he's over reacting to it. He saw Siwan and Heechul kissing one night, for experimenting purposes, well that's what Heechul said. 'Experiment my ass' he had rolled his eyes and leave, even though he knew Heechul wasn't his alone, it still kinda hurts to see him with someone else. Good thing that night Minwoo decided to go out with him and they went to his favourite restaurant, both eating all they can eat, bitching about their respective lovers.

He remember bitching about how Heechul is always with someone else and Minwoo bitching over Siwan's harsh comments to him when they are alone. It surprises Hyungshik to hear all the problem from Minwoo's end but they have one big problem in common, they can't seperate themselves from their lover. Heechul and Siwan has the power to keep them without having to say anything. It's like they're being hypnotized to them.

"Mmm, what did you do? You're being a bit too naughty just now," replied Heechul, voice showing authority, the power he had over him. "B-but hyung~ I was just... experimenting," he pretended to protest, and in way, mocking Heechul. In truth, he really did those to make Heechul want him, to remind Heechul that he's there and he can get his pleasures from someone else too if he wanted to. That night, before they all went home, they had a blast at a private club, where themselves, ZE:A, Code V, Infinite, CNBlue, F.Cuz and TOUCH was invited, to celebrate the birthday of Teen Top's Chunji.

The birthday party turn out to be a bit wild then Hyungshik have ever imagined, with the young boys sneaking alcohols in, and spiking everybody's drinks a bit, but not enough for anybody to get drunk, just enough to get their moods and the heat up. Heechul had been flirting around, and Chunji had his hands all over Heechul. Siwan had gone to flirt with the TOUCH boys, just for the fun of it and Minwoo, being jealous of that, had tried to hit on others but it doesn't seem to grab Siwan's attention enough. So when Hyungshik danced to the beat that night, Minwoo had joined him.

And it was an intimate dance, their crotches touching, body sliding against one another, and since they're in the middle of everybody, they became the center of attention that night.

Minwoo was a very, well too good of a dancer. He knew how to make the lights fall on him and he helped Hyungshik with guiding him in dancing, which made it even more intimate as hands roam all over, fixing here and there all the while keeping it sexy, turning lots of watching on. And of course, knowing that they both had everybody and their lovers attention on them, they seperated and seduced the others as well, in attempt to raise the fire within their lovers. Minwoo had gone to Kan, who could perfectly follow his beat, all the while sending naughty looks to Siwan who watched them from the sideline.

Hyungshik, in the other hand was approached by the birthday boy, Chunji who had used the excuse of being the birthday boy to kiss Hyungshik, and grab his ass while he's on it. Hyungshik didn't really mind, since that time all he think was, to get Heechul to see just how naughty he could be. And now, as Heechul unbotton his shirt, to reveal Hyungshik's milky skin, he got exactly what he wanted and that's a victory to him.

Heechul stared at his lover's chest, and all the way down there, "Oh, Shikkie~ Did kissing and dancing with Chunji makes you hot?" he asked, "Because you're already," the tone went down into a low one, and huskily, "hard down there." Hyungshik could feel Heechul's tongue licking his ear shell. It wasn't Chunji who aroused him actually. It was the look Heechul was sending time to time when they locked eyes for few brief seconds everytime while he was with Chunji. That makes him hot, and when Heechul decided to tease him when they're in the van, on their way home by caressing his lower backs to hint him that he's gonna get so much attention tonight, it does added in the arousal. "H-hyung~" he let of a whimper, and then mewls when Heechul caressed his crotch, feeling him up. Heechul smirked at the reaction, Hyungshik is always the best when it comes to this. He takes off his shirt, letting Hyungshik to feast his eyes on his skin.

Hyungshik watched Heechul unbutton his shirt one by one, and when he takes it off, Hyungshik couldn't help but to swallow his saliva. Those perfect skin, who wouldn't want to touch it? As his eyes went down, he chuckled at the happy trail Heechul kept, somehow it makes Heechul look even more sexy. He wanted to touch him, Jung Heechul, very badly but his hands were tied behind his back so he couldn't reach him. "Hyung~ Let me go... Let me touch you... I want to touch you..." Hyunsghik plead but Heechul only smiled at that.

"No, baby, you've been naughty and now you can't get what you want," Heechul said, all the while touching his still clothed self, "But if you agree to let me play with your body then, maybe I would consider letting you touch me." Hyungshik stared into Heechul's eyes. Those eyes are evil, they have agendas in it. But Hyungshik nodded to the devil nonetheless, since it sounds like the best idea that time. Heechul smirked, a satisfied smirk before kissing Hyungshik, connecting themselves with a tongue battle. Hyungshik let Heechul wins, since no matter how much he fight, he'd still lose anyway and Heechul slowly unbotton his pants, while touching him. Hyungshik can feel blood rises to his cheeks, since it got hot there and when Heechul seperated to pull his pants all the way out, he could see his own clothed arousal. It's up, begging to be released and Hyungshik let a breath out, "Hyung..."

Heechul took the liberty to take off Hyungshik's boxer as well, and now his arousal was shown to the world, standing, asking for attention. "Hmm, what do I do now? Touch it? Pump it? Lick it? Suck it?" Heechul asked, pretending to be awfully confused on what to do with his lover's dick.

"Hyung..." Hyungshik breathe out and Heechul smiled before sucking on Hyungshik's big cock, licking it to add more stimulation. He pressed the tips down, earning a loud moan from Hyungshik. Sucking it harshly and adding more velocity in doing it, Hyungshik couldn't even open his eyes anymore, even though he really wanted to since it's be so fucking awesome to watch Heechul sucking into his dick. Heechul purposely press his teeth to the tips, but not too hard, just to get Hyungshik to scream. And Hyungshik did scream, his name, "Chul hyung!" He licked it in a way that almost look like an apology but even more in a teasing way. "Hmmph, Shikkie, your dick is too big, my jaw hurts." Heechul pouted and all Hyungshik wanted to do that time is to forced his dick into it.

But Heechul retreated from his spot and turn around to get a box. The box was black, it's kind of big and it looks like it could fit a small table in it.

"Ahh~ Let's see... I've got you a present! Well, some presents~" Heechul suddenly said, while taking the box and putting it infront of Hyungshik. Hyungshik was skeptical when Heechul said presents, because he knew it must be something that will aquire him to use it, infront of Heechul. The last time Heechul utter that word 'present' he had to wear a complete set of school girl costume... and infront of everybody in ZE:A before having his moments with Heechul in the bathroom. "Uhhh... huh..." Heechul smiled at the reaction and he opened the box, "See this? It's an exact replica of..."

Heechul smirked and he stared into Hyungshik's eyes. Hyungshik swallowed his saliva and continued the sentence, "Your dick." Heechul smiled. "Wow, I feel honored that you remember how mine is perfectly. But I also have another one which supposed to be the replica of yours." Heechul pulled out another from the box and it was exactly the same as his. He gaped, "How do you even make that?" Heechul smiled, "Well, of course, it's a secret~" A kiss was planted on Hyungshik's lips and Heechul smiled, "I wonder, how will it makes you feel, if I use this..." he showed the one that looks like Hyungshik's, "to fuck your hole with." Heechul made a very angelic smile after he said that, it looks scarrier than his normal evil smile to Hyungshik.

Heechul brought the replica to his mouth and he licked the tips, making Hyungshik cock twitch watching it. "Mmm, this doesn't taste right~ Hold on for a second," Heechul commented and he left Hyungshik after that to get something in the freezer. It turn out to be vanilla syrup. Hyungshik look up to him and Heechul poured the vanilla syrup on it. The syrup drips on the floor and on Heechul's hands but he didn't seem to mind it. He then licked the now flavored replica infront of Hyungshik's face, "Mmm this makes it sweeter~ Like the real one," Heechul said seductively and he continued to lick it, teasing Hyungshik who can only stare at it.

He bring himself closer, closer to Hyungshik and when he's close enough, Hyungshik lean in to him. Heechul smirked and even without saying anything, Hyungshik knew Heechul wanted him to lick it too, so he obeyed the silent request and now they're both working on Hyungshik's cock replica, licking it, while sending each other a heated gaze. Whenever their tongue met on the track, Hyungshik would moan, turning both of them even more. Heechul then stopped licking on it and he licked his hands instead, since it has the vanilla syrup on it.

Hyungshik copied his actions and now he's sucking on Heechul's three fingers. He knew Heechul would prepare him next, he somehow have that idea when Heechul started staring at his crotch. When Heechul's hand is clean enough and Hyungshik had wet the fingers enough, Heechul pulled Hyungshik closer and down, where Hyungshik met his crotch. But he still held the replica in, with his other hand, making Hyungshik suck on it. Hyungshik was bent down, and all the while his eyes were candied with Heechul's big bulge, he is sucking on his own dick replica.

The older of them inserted one wet finger into the younger's anus, while stroking the opening with his other fingers. He pulled it out and push it in few times before adding another, making Hyungshik moan when it hits the latter's prostate. He worked his way in and out, all the while hitting the spot inside that makes Hyungshik's breath hitched everytime. He could feel his own cock twitch inside of his pants when Hyungshik moan out his name, as he added the third finger in. "Hee-heechul hyung~" Heechul's fingers inside feels so good, especially when Heechul purposely prolong the deep finger fuck, where he's caressed, tease the heavenly spot inside of him.

It feels so good, and he admit that having to suck the thing that looks exactly like his own dick and staring at Heechul clothed erection at the same time does add more pleasures into it. He knew he was drooling now, he wanted to suck Heechul's dick so much now, so that he could hear Heechul moan. He was so close to it, but he can't push himself further, it's in there, in his tight pants. He can see Heechul's happy trail leading it down to the happy place where Hyungshik wanted to be. 'Heechul is such a tease...' he thought inside.

"How many times you think you want to cum today?" Heechul asked and Hyungshik stopped sucking. But before Hyungshik could answer, Heechul had answered it for him, "Well I guess that depends on how many times I want you to cum, right?" he pulled out his fingers and pushed Hyungshik so that he was lying on the floor, but to his side since his hands are restraint behind his back. Heechul raised a brow, and thought for a while, no, he wanted Hyungshik to lay flat on the floor so now he should... untie him and retie him. He untie Hyungshik's hands and Hyungshik took the chance to jump on him and kiss him. Hovering over Heechul, Hyungshik coax Heechul mouth to open and deepen his kiss. Heechul protested, "Hmmph!" but the sound of protest was muffled by Hyungshik's mouth and tongue, preventing Heechul to speak out.

Now that the situation is reversed, Hyungshik took the all the opportunity to touch Heechul, all over him, from his naked chest, to his nipples, his abs, scratching a bit on the muscles, he can never get enough of touching Heechul, especially when Heechul had to moan like that in his mouth.

Hyungshik's hand went straight to the obvious bulge. He cupped it, earning other moans from the older man underneath him. He caressed the area, weakening Heechul. Heechul struggled less, and lesser and Hyungshik had to thank to that part of Heechul body, for being so hostile to him. He broke the kiss, since the need for air is too great, but he didn't waste anytime to unbutton and unzip Heechul's pants while Heechul's trying to catch his breath. Once they're loose, he pulled Heechul's pants and boxer down in one quick move revealing Heechul's already excited cock. When Heechul's cock hits the air, his brain snapped, and he pushed Hyungshik down with full force and now he's the one on top. He let out heavy breath, while gaining control over the loose Hyungshik again by straining both of Hyungshik's hands up above his head.

"Shikkie, you're so wild today..." he licked Hyungshik's lips, "Did you really miss my touches so much?" Hyungshik moaned and he tried to capture Heechul's lips for another kiss but Heechul retreated back, smirking to the amount of eagerness in Hyungshik's eyes. "You know, I was holding myself to not fuck you everyday, just to see how will you react to it. I guess..." Heechul kisses Hyungshik's jaw, "I really like the result." He let his tongue wander across Hyungshik's skin, applying pressure on his lover's sensitive spots. Hyungshik let Heechul please him, and to show his gratefulness for the attention, he didn't struggle at all but he gave Heechul appreciative moans instead.

"Heechul hyung~ Please..." Hyungshik moaned, closing his eyes when Heechul proceeded his tongue journey to his lover's nipple. "Please what, Shikkie?" Heechul nipped on the already erect bud, biting them to get Hyungshik to speak. "A-ahh! Hyungggg~ Please touch me..." he bucked his hips upwards, where their crotches met, "Unhhh~"

Heechul rub his lover's dick with his hand, "Mmmm, you're telling me to touch you?" Hyungshik nodded. He really wanted Heechul to stroke his dick, to pleasure him. It has been hard for so long, it's starting to get painful. Heechul smiled and he stroked his lover's dick, pumping it all the while watching Hyungshik's expression turn into looking like he's in heaven. His parted mouth is spewing mewls and moans, purposely for Heechul's ear candy. "Heechul hyunggg~" Heechul watched him for a while longer, the image is just so amazing, it made Heechul's dick drool. He then slowly loosen his grip on Hyungshik's wrists and finally let go to dive down, to the place he's stroking. While he was stroking, he licked the tips, tasting Hyungshik's precum.

Hyungshik moaned louder when his tongue made contact with the tips and Heechul sucked on it, while applying fast strokes and pressure. He sucked Hyungshik's dick happily, all the while moaning himself, and humming some song that Hyungshik couldn't catch on. The humming he made, added vibrations to Hyungshik's dick. It was overwhelming, and Hyungshik couldn't hold himself. He didn't even see that he's coming and he shot his seed with a loud scream. Heechul sucked on it even harder when he came, to ride Hyungshik out of his orgasm. Hyungshik shook, and when he's done cumming, Heechul licked him clean. Hyungshik tried to catch his breath but Heechul wouldn't let him get his time much. He flipped Hyungshik so that now Hyungshik is now on all four. Hyungshik's hands gave up though so he's practically on his knees with his chest and head on the floor.

Heechul would have licked Hyungshik's hole, he wanted to but he figured that it's better to shock Hyungshik's ass by just giving what he got straight into his lover. And he did just that. Without any warning, any preparation, lube whatsoever, he slide his cock in. It prove to be a little harder than the usual since it's drier. But he didn't give a damn, even when Hyungshik screamed, "Hyung!!!" this little bitch needed to get a lesson. If you attack Heechul, he would attack you back. He licked on Hyungshik's sensitive spot on his back, to ease the pain. He knew it would be a little more painful but he also knew that those pain will degrade into pleasure just when he hit that spot, again and again, Hyungshik will forget all about pain and his body will respond to the pleasure instead. And after a while, Hyungshik pained and pleasured screams does turn into only pleasure, and now he's the one begging Heechul to go in him deeper, "H-hyunggg.... Ahhh.. deeper... harder... Ahhhh..." Heechul didn't bother touching Hyungshik, as he bit his lover's shoulder, drawing marks on the milky skin. "Shikkie... If you wanna cum again, touch yourself."

The one in the bottom touched himself, pumping himself, following Heechul's wild rythm, matching them. "Haaaah... haaah..." Hyungshik can feel sweat running down his temple, and all over his body. The tension was getting unbearable, and he knew, he can feel that he's going to cum soon.

He was shivering, and his grip almost fell out. He wasn't even pumping himself right. "Heechul hyung. Heechul hyung. Heechul hyung," he chanted those as his end is nearing. Heechul was close as well, the heat and the tightness of Hyungshik's ass makes it hard for Heechul to hold it in any longer. He speed himself even up, as millions of pleasures tickling his manhood, sending electric waves up to his spine and to his neurons all over his body. So close, so close, Heechul can feel his muscles retracting and he just need a few more push but Hyungshik gets even tighter by the second, making it hard for Heechul to make the fucking fast. Hyungshik couldn't hold it anymore, "HEECHUL HYUUUUUUUNGGGGGGGGGGGG" so he cum first, staining the floor with his hot sticky liquid. Heechul came few seconds after that, grunting when he filled his lover ass with his cum.

Hyungshik fell down first, his legs giving out and Heechul turn him over so that they are facing each other. He kissed Hyungshik lovingly before giving up himself, as he laid there, next to his beloved. Hyungshik smiled at the soft kiss he get, it's feeding his soul. Heechul closed his eyes and stayed still for a moment, regulating his breath and his heartbeat.

But as soon as he thought he had enough rest, he smirked, and grabbing the forgotten replica of Hyungshik's dick, "Shikkie-ah, did you know that..." he turn his head to his right to stare into Hyungshik's eyes, "This thing is a vibrator?"

Hyungshik stared at him, and he tried to run, oh god, he swear he tried but Heechul was quick to pin him and now he can't move anymore. "Hyunggggggg~" Hyungshik made a pleading face but that only excites Heechul more. He kissed Hyungshik, knowing that Hyungshik gets weak that way and of course, it worked. After all, he know Hyungshik more than he know himself. And when Hyungshik started to get busy moaning and playing tongue battle with him, he nudge Hyungshik's package with his knee softly before grabbing his dick, pumping it slowly and sensuously, building up good seduction to harden Hyungshik again. He smiled when his handjob did the job, Hyungshik was getting hard again.

He left Hyungshik's mouth and seperated from Hyungshik. Hyungshik stared at him with glazed eyes. He spread Hyungshik's legs, exposing his lover's fuck hole. He can see his cum running out from the opening, as if teasing him to lick it up. He took the Hyungshik vibrator and shoved it in Hyungshik slowly. His cum took the role of the lube and it gets in easily. "Shikkie~ You're gonna be fucked," he turn on the vibrator, "By your own dick," and he pushed it in deeper. Hyungshik moaned when the vibrator is turned on, "Ahhhhhhhh" Somehow, for some reason, the idea of getting fucked by his own replica is very arousing and Heechul was aroused as well. He took the time to play with the toy and his lover, feasting his eyes. He smirked when he pushed the head of the vibrator to that amazing spot inside of Hyungshik, and just let it stay there, rubbing circling rubs, making Hyungshik go crazy.

It was too much for Hyungshik. He had never had anything other than Heechul's dick inside of him, this is a new experience to him. And the vibrations, feels so different and he couldn't help but feeling that he was about to cum anytime soon. Heechul stopped doing what he does, when he see Hyungshik's uncontrollable shiver. He knew Hyungshik was about to cum. He didn't expect Hyungshik to cum that fast. "Shikkie, does it feel good?" he asked, and Hyungshik nodded. He smiled, as much as he wanted to prolong the time for Hyungshik to cum, he kind of didn't have the heart for now. So he pushed the vibrator in and out in a fucking frenzy, while watching his lover moaned, grunt, and screamed his name. As he watched Hyungshik lost in pleasure, he couldn't help but to kiss Hyungshik, muffling the moans coming from him.

And it didn't take too long for Hyungshik to cum again, this time the cum was trapped between his and Heechul's body, dirtying them both. But Heechul didn't seem to mind at all. "Mmmm~ You just cummed for the third time today :3" Heechul made a cat like face and Hyungshik just had to laugh. He feel so tired now, he is so spent. All he wanted to do now is just kiss Heechul and go to sleep. But of course, Heechul had another play for him.


A/N: The second fic of HeeShik specially for eijichu  again :3 The second part will be posted after this. >,< Heeee. Since I really can't continue anymore xD My head stucked KKKK so enjoy this for now n.n <3


heechul is such a tease! and shikkie is just :SLKDJF:SDNFDNF
*always going to use this icon here now*
you do realise that whenever i saw that icon imma stare for like 3 hours straight, rite?


yeah 8D dont you just love Chul the tease :3 <3