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Jun. 4th, 2011

shikkie ohhh

35. Animal resemblance

 Mmmm... animal resemblance?

well, i would wish a cat ;A; some people said i look like a cat when i sleep. when i lay on my bed being lazy ;3 and i was VERY happy when i heard that actually. svdjhasgdbfkj,asn,fm

but lately people kept on saying that i look like a fox breed -.-"

do i?

if i look like a cat i score one point for this handsome man <3

Chullie, can you be any cuter?

List of topics Shizukai gave me.
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shikkie ohhh

Writer's Block: On a need to know basis

If you had a special power, would you hide it or share it with the world, and why?

hide it. preferably because that wouldnt make me look like an alien xD so, im an alien in disguise LOL
people might use me too if they knew i have power mmmm~ but will share it to special persons :3 <3

Jun. 1st, 2011

Queen Heechullie

For A Week [Part 1 out of 2]

 Title: For a week [Part 1 out of 2]
Author: Ila Way!
Fandom: ZE:A
Pairing: HeeShik, hints at SiWoo
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Smut
Disclaimer: I don't own Heechul, Hyungshik, Kevin or any of ZE:A members but I do own the right to love them ;]
Warning: Boys fucking boys, toys, unpredictability and lots of stupidity


"Ahhhh, Chul hyung, that hurts!" screamed Hyungshik when Heechul fastened the red scarf around his wrists a bit too tight. It doesn't hurt much actually but he just wanted to make it vocal, letting Heechul thought that he's weak and delicate. It is one thing that he liked doing actually, pretending like he's so weak, so that Heechul would be turned on with his pained voice. "Hyung~ What did I do to deserve this?" Hyungshik whined, even though he knew why Heechul is acting that way. Deep inside he smiled, he had been waiting for Heechul to attack him since he didn't get any advance from Heechul for like... what... a week already? He knew a week is actually not that long but getting to be with Heechul all day long for that long time without getting anything out of him is really a torture to him. He can see Heechul, he can stare at him, he can touch him just for a short while but he can't do anything to him.

His needy eyes can stare at Heechul's crotch all he want and he can stare at his ass as well but he can't touch it and it's driving him crazy. What makes the torture even worse is the fact that he can't even kiss him. Heechul being a flirt even when he's around doesn't help in easing the problem as well.

He had been watching, when Heechul let Minwoo touch his abs, caressing them like how a fangirl would do. He sometimes hate that Minwoo is such a fanboy over Heechul but he can't say anything about it. Heechul might think he's over reacting to it. He saw Siwan and Heechul kissing one night, for experimenting purposes, well that's what Heechul said. 'Experiment my ass' he had rolled his eyes and leave, even though he knew Heechul wasn't his alone, it still kinda hurts to see him with someone else. Good thing that night Minwoo decided to go out with him and they went to his favourite restaurant, both eating all they can eat, bitching about their respective lovers.

He remember bitching about how Heechul is always with someone else and Minwoo bitching over Siwan's harsh comments to him when they are alone. It surprises Hyungshik to hear all the problem from Minwoo's end but they have one big problem in common, they can't seperate themselves from their lover. Heechul and Siwan has the power to keep them without having to say anything. It's like they're being hypnotized to them.

"Mmm, what did you do? You're being a bit too naughty just now," replied Heechul, voice showing authority, the power he had over him. "B-but hyung~ I was just... experimenting," he pretended to protest, and in way, mocking Heechul. In truth, he really did those to make Heechul want him, to remind Heechul that he's there and he can get his pleasures from someone else too if he wanted to. That night, before they all went home, they had a blast at a private club, where themselves, ZE:A, Code V, Infinite, CNBlue, F.Cuz and TOUCH was invited, to celebrate the birthday of Teen Top's Chunji.

The birthday party turn out to be a bit wild then Hyungshik have ever imagined, with the young boys sneaking alcohols in, and spiking everybody's drinks a bit, but not enough for anybody to get drunk, just enough to get their moods and the heat up. Heechul had been flirting around, and Chunji had his hands all over Heechul. Siwan had gone to flirt with the TOUCH boys, just for the fun of it and Minwoo, being jealous of that, had tried to hit on others but it doesn't seem to grab Siwan's attention enough. So when Hyungshik danced to the beat that night, Minwoo had joined him.

And it was an intimate dance, their crotches touching, body sliding against one another, and since they're in the middle of everybody, they became the center of attention that night.

Minwoo was a very, well too good of a dancer. He knew how to make the lights fall on him and he helped Hyungshik with guiding him in dancing, which made it even more intimate as hands roam all over, fixing here and there all the while keeping it sexy, turning lots of watching on. And of course, knowing that they both had everybody and their lovers attention on them, they seperated and seduced the others as well, in attempt to raise the fire within their lovers. Minwoo had gone to Kan, who could perfectly follow his beat, all the while sending naughty looks to Siwan who watched them from the sideline.

Hyungshik, in the other hand was approached by the birthday boy, Chunji who had used the excuse of being the birthday boy to kiss Hyungshik, and grab his ass while he's on it. Hyungshik didn't really mind, since that time all he think was, to get Heechul to see just how naughty he could be. And now, as Heechul unbotton his shirt, to reveal Hyungshik's milky skin, he got exactly what he wanted and that's a victory to him.

Heechul stared at his lover's chest, and all the way down there, "Oh, Shikkie~ Did kissing and dancing with Chunji makes you hot?" he asked, "Because you're already," the tone went down into a low one, and huskily, "hard down there." Hyungshik could feel Heechul's tongue licking his ear shell. It wasn't Chunji who aroused him actually. It was the look Heechul was sending time to time when they locked eyes for few brief seconds everytime while he was with Chunji. That makes him hot, and when Heechul decided to tease him when they're in the van, on their way home by caressing his lower backs to hint him that he's gonna get so much attention tonight, it does added in the arousal. "H-hyung~" he let of a whimper, and then mewls when Heechul caressed his crotch, feeling him up. Heechul smirked at the reaction, Hyungshik is always the best when it comes to this. He takes off his shirt, letting Hyungshik to feast his eyes on his skin.

Hyungshik watched Heechul unbutton his shirt one by one, and when he takes it off, Hyungshik couldn't help but to swallow his saliva. Those perfect skin, who wouldn't want to touch it? As his eyes went down, he chuckled at the happy trail Heechul kept, somehow it makes Heechul look even more sexy. He wanted to touch him, Jung Heechul, very badly but his hands were tied behind his back so he couldn't reach him. "Hyung~ Let me go... Let me touch you... I want to touch you..." Hyunsghik plead but Heechul only smiled at that.

"No, baby, you've been naughty and now you can't get what you want," Heechul said, all the while touching his still clothed self, "But if you agree to let me play with your body then, maybe I would consider letting you touch me." Hyungshik stared into Heechul's eyes. Those eyes are evil, they have agendas in it. But Hyungshik nodded to the devil nonetheless, since it sounds like the best idea that time. Heechul smirked, a satisfied smirk before kissing Hyungshik, connecting themselves with a tongue battle. Hyungshik let Heechul wins, since no matter how much he fight, he'd still lose anyway and Heechul slowly unbotton his pants, while touching him. Hyungshik can feel blood rises to his cheeks, since it got hot there and when Heechul seperated to pull his pants all the way out, he could see his own clothed arousal. It's up, begging to be released and Hyungshik let a breath out, "Hyung..."

Heechul took the liberty to take off Hyungshik's boxer as well, and now his arousal was shown to the world, standing, asking for attention. "Hmm, what do I do now? Touch it? Pump it? Lick it? Suck it?" Heechul asked, pretending to be awfully confused on what to do with his lover's dick.

"Hyung..." Hyungshik breathe out and Heechul smiled before sucking on Hyungshik's big cock, licking it to add more stimulation. He pressed the tips down, earning a loud moan from Hyungshik. Sucking it harshly and adding more velocity in doing it, Hyungshik couldn't even open his eyes anymore, even though he really wanted to since it's be so fucking awesome to watch Heechul sucking into his dick. Heechul purposely press his teeth to the tips, but not too hard, just to get Hyungshik to scream. And Hyungshik did scream, his name, "Chul hyung!" He licked it in a way that almost look like an apology but even more in a teasing way. "Hmmph, Shikkie, your dick is too big, my jaw hurts." Heechul pouted and all Hyungshik wanted to do that time is to forced his dick into it.

But Heechul retreated from his spot and turn around to get a box. The box was black, it's kind of big and it looks like it could fit a small table in it.

"Ahh~ Let's see... I've got you a present! Well, some presents~" Heechul suddenly said, while taking the box and putting it infront of Hyungshik. Hyungshik was skeptical when Heechul said presents, because he knew it must be something that will aquire him to use it, infront of Heechul. The last time Heechul utter that word 'present' he had to wear a complete set of school girl costume... and infront of everybody in ZE:A before having his moments with Heechul in the bathroom. "Uhhh... huh..." Heechul smiled at the reaction and he opened the box, "See this? It's an exact replica of..."

Heechul smirked and he stared into Hyungshik's eyes. Hyungshik swallowed his saliva and continued the sentence, "Your dick." Heechul smiled. "Wow, I feel honored that you remember how mine is perfectly. But I also have another one which supposed to be the replica of yours." Heechul pulled out another from the box and it was exactly the same as his. He gaped, "How do you even make that?" Heechul smiled, "Well, of course, it's a secret~" A kiss was planted on Hyungshik's lips and Heechul smiled, "I wonder, how will it makes you feel, if I use this..." he showed the one that looks like Hyungshik's, "to fuck your hole with." Heechul made a very angelic smile after he said that, it looks scarrier than his normal evil smile to Hyungshik.

Heechul brought the replica to his mouth and he licked the tips, making Hyungshik cock twitch watching it. "Mmm, this doesn't taste right~ Hold on for a second," Heechul commented and he left Hyungshik after that to get something in the freezer. It turn out to be vanilla syrup. Hyungshik look up to him and Heechul poured the vanilla syrup on it. The syrup drips on the floor and on Heechul's hands but he didn't seem to mind it. He then licked the now flavored replica infront of Hyungshik's face, "Mmm this makes it sweeter~ Like the real one," Heechul said seductively and he continued to lick it, teasing Hyungshik who can only stare at it.

He bring himself closer, closer to Hyungshik and when he's close enough, Hyungshik lean in to him. Heechul smirked and even without saying anything, Hyungshik knew Heechul wanted him to lick it too, so he obeyed the silent request and now they're both working on Hyungshik's cock replica, licking it, while sending each other a heated gaze. Whenever their tongue met on the track, Hyungshik would moan, turning both of them even more. Heechul then stopped licking on it and he licked his hands instead, since it has the vanilla syrup on it.

Hyungshik copied his actions and now he's sucking on Heechul's three fingers. He knew Heechul would prepare him next, he somehow have that idea when Heechul started staring at his crotch. When Heechul's hand is clean enough and Hyungshik had wet the fingers enough, Heechul pulled Hyungshik closer and down, where Hyungshik met his crotch. But he still held the replica in, with his other hand, making Hyungshik suck on it. Hyungshik was bent down, and all the while his eyes were candied with Heechul's big bulge, he is sucking on his own dick replica.

The older of them inserted one wet finger into the younger's anus, while stroking the opening with his other fingers. He pulled it out and push it in few times before adding another, making Hyungshik moan when it hits the latter's prostate. He worked his way in and out, all the while hitting the spot inside that makes Hyungshik's breath hitched everytime. He could feel his own cock twitch inside of his pants when Hyungshik moan out his name, as he added the third finger in. "Hee-heechul hyung~" Heechul's fingers inside feels so good, especially when Heechul purposely prolong the deep finger fuck, where he's caressed, tease the heavenly spot inside of him.

It feels so good, and he admit that having to suck the thing that looks exactly like his own dick and staring at Heechul clothed erection at the same time does add more pleasures into it. He knew he was drooling now, he wanted to suck Heechul's dick so much now, so that he could hear Heechul moan. He was so close to it, but he can't push himself further, it's in there, in his tight pants. He can see Heechul's happy trail leading it down to the happy place where Hyungshik wanted to be. 'Heechul is such a tease...' he thought inside.

"How many times you think you want to cum today?" Heechul asked and Hyungshik stopped sucking. But before Hyungshik could answer, Heechul had answered it for him, "Well I guess that depends on how many times I want you to cum, right?" he pulled out his fingers and pushed Hyungshik so that he was lying on the floor, but to his side since his hands are restraint behind his back. Heechul raised a brow, and thought for a while, no, he wanted Hyungshik to lay flat on the floor so now he should... untie him and retie him. He untie Hyungshik's hands and Hyungshik took the chance to jump on him and kiss him. Hovering over Heechul, Hyungshik coax Heechul mouth to open and deepen his kiss. Heechul protested, "Hmmph!" but the sound of protest was muffled by Hyungshik's mouth and tongue, preventing Heechul to speak out.

Now that the situation is reversed, Hyungshik took the all the opportunity to touch Heechul, all over him, from his naked chest, to his nipples, his abs, scratching a bit on the muscles, he can never get enough of touching Heechul, especially when Heechul had to moan like that in his mouth.

Hyungshik's hand went straight to the obvious bulge. He cupped it, earning other moans from the older man underneath him. He caressed the area, weakening Heechul. Heechul struggled less, and lesser and Hyungshik had to thank to that part of Heechul body, for being so hostile to him. He broke the kiss, since the need for air is too great, but he didn't waste anytime to unbutton and unzip Heechul's pants while Heechul's trying to catch his breath. Once they're loose, he pulled Heechul's pants and boxer down in one quick move revealing Heechul's already excited cock. When Heechul's cock hits the air, his brain snapped, and he pushed Hyungshik down with full force and now he's the one on top. He let out heavy breath, while gaining control over the loose Hyungshik again by straining both of Hyungshik's hands up above his head.

"Shikkie, you're so wild today..." he licked Hyungshik's lips, "Did you really miss my touches so much?" Hyungshik moaned and he tried to capture Heechul's lips for another kiss but Heechul retreated back, smirking to the amount of eagerness in Hyungshik's eyes. "You know, I was holding myself to not fuck you everyday, just to see how will you react to it. I guess..." Heechul kisses Hyungshik's jaw, "I really like the result." He let his tongue wander across Hyungshik's skin, applying pressure on his lover's sensitive spots. Hyungshik let Heechul please him, and to show his gratefulness for the attention, he didn't struggle at all but he gave Heechul appreciative moans instead.

"Heechul hyung~ Please..." Hyungshik moaned, closing his eyes when Heechul proceeded his tongue journey to his lover's nipple. "Please what, Shikkie?" Heechul nipped on the already erect bud, biting them to get Hyungshik to speak. "A-ahh! Hyungggg~ Please touch me..." he bucked his hips upwards, where their crotches met, "Unhhh~"

Heechul rub his lover's dick with his hand, "Mmmm, you're telling me to touch you?" Hyungshik nodded. He really wanted Heechul to stroke his dick, to pleasure him. It has been hard for so long, it's starting to get painful. Heechul smiled and he stroked his lover's dick, pumping it all the while watching Hyungshik's expression turn into looking like he's in heaven. His parted mouth is spewing mewls and moans, purposely for Heechul's ear candy. "Heechul hyunggg~" Heechul watched him for a while longer, the image is just so amazing, it made Heechul's dick drool. He then slowly loosen his grip on Hyungshik's wrists and finally let go to dive down, to the place he's stroking. While he was stroking, he licked the tips, tasting Hyungshik's precum.

Hyungshik moaned louder when his tongue made contact with the tips and Heechul sucked on it, while applying fast strokes and pressure. He sucked Hyungshik's dick happily, all the while moaning himself, and humming some song that Hyungshik couldn't catch on. The humming he made, added vibrations to Hyungshik's dick. It was overwhelming, and Hyungshik couldn't hold himself. He didn't even see that he's coming and he shot his seed with a loud scream. Heechul sucked on it even harder when he came, to ride Hyungshik out of his orgasm. Hyungshik shook, and when he's done cumming, Heechul licked him clean. Hyungshik tried to catch his breath but Heechul wouldn't let him get his time much. He flipped Hyungshik so that now Hyungshik is now on all four. Hyungshik's hands gave up though so he's practically on his knees with his chest and head on the floor.

Heechul would have licked Hyungshik's hole, he wanted to but he figured that it's better to shock Hyungshik's ass by just giving what he got straight into his lover. And he did just that. Without any warning, any preparation, lube whatsoever, he slide his cock in. It prove to be a little harder than the usual since it's drier. But he didn't give a damn, even when Hyungshik screamed, "Hyung!!!" this little bitch needed to get a lesson. If you attack Heechul, he would attack you back. He licked on Hyungshik's sensitive spot on his back, to ease the pain. He knew it would be a little more painful but he also knew that those pain will degrade into pleasure just when he hit that spot, again and again, Hyungshik will forget all about pain and his body will respond to the pleasure instead. And after a while, Hyungshik pained and pleasured screams does turn into only pleasure, and now he's the one begging Heechul to go in him deeper, "H-hyunggg.... Ahhh.. deeper... harder... Ahhhh..." Heechul didn't bother touching Hyungshik, as he bit his lover's shoulder, drawing marks on the milky skin. "Shikkie... If you wanna cum again, touch yourself."

The one in the bottom touched himself, pumping himself, following Heechul's wild rythm, matching them. "Haaaah... haaah..." Hyungshik can feel sweat running down his temple, and all over his body. The tension was getting unbearable, and he knew, he can feel that he's going to cum soon.

He was shivering, and his grip almost fell out. He wasn't even pumping himself right. "Heechul hyung. Heechul hyung. Heechul hyung," he chanted those as his end is nearing. Heechul was close as well, the heat and the tightness of Hyungshik's ass makes it hard for Heechul to hold it in any longer. He speed himself even up, as millions of pleasures tickling his manhood, sending electric waves up to his spine and to his neurons all over his body. So close, so close, Heechul can feel his muscles retracting and he just need a few more push but Hyungshik gets even tighter by the second, making it hard for Heechul to make the fucking fast. Hyungshik couldn't hold it anymore, "HEECHUL HYUUUUUUUNGGGGGGGGGGGG" so he cum first, staining the floor with his hot sticky liquid. Heechul came few seconds after that, grunting when he filled his lover ass with his cum.

Hyungshik fell down first, his legs giving out and Heechul turn him over so that they are facing each other. He kissed Hyungshik lovingly before giving up himself, as he laid there, next to his beloved. Hyungshik smiled at the soft kiss he get, it's feeding his soul. Heechul closed his eyes and stayed still for a moment, regulating his breath and his heartbeat.

But as soon as he thought he had enough rest, he smirked, and grabbing the forgotten replica of Hyungshik's dick, "Shikkie-ah, did you know that..." he turn his head to his right to stare into Hyungshik's eyes, "This thing is a vibrator?"

Hyungshik stared at him, and he tried to run, oh god, he swear he tried but Heechul was quick to pin him and now he can't move anymore. "Hyunggggggg~" Hyungshik made a pleading face but that only excites Heechul more. He kissed Hyungshik, knowing that Hyungshik gets weak that way and of course, it worked. After all, he know Hyungshik more than he know himself. And when Hyungshik started to get busy moaning and playing tongue battle with him, he nudge Hyungshik's package with his knee softly before grabbing his dick, pumping it slowly and sensuously, building up good seduction to harden Hyungshik again. He smiled when his handjob did the job, Hyungshik was getting hard again.

He left Hyungshik's mouth and seperated from Hyungshik. Hyungshik stared at him with glazed eyes. He spread Hyungshik's legs, exposing his lover's fuck hole. He can see his cum running out from the opening, as if teasing him to lick it up. He took the Hyungshik vibrator and shoved it in Hyungshik slowly. His cum took the role of the lube and it gets in easily. "Shikkie~ You're gonna be fucked," he turn on the vibrator, "By your own dick," and he pushed it in deeper. Hyungshik moaned when the vibrator is turned on, "Ahhhhhhhh" Somehow, for some reason, the idea of getting fucked by his own replica is very arousing and Heechul was aroused as well. He took the time to play with the toy and his lover, feasting his eyes. He smirked when he pushed the head of the vibrator to that amazing spot inside of Hyungshik, and just let it stay there, rubbing circling rubs, making Hyungshik go crazy.

It was too much for Hyungshik. He had never had anything other than Heechul's dick inside of him, this is a new experience to him. And the vibrations, feels so different and he couldn't help but feeling that he was about to cum anytime soon. Heechul stopped doing what he does, when he see Hyungshik's uncontrollable shiver. He knew Hyungshik was about to cum. He didn't expect Hyungshik to cum that fast. "Shikkie, does it feel good?" he asked, and Hyungshik nodded. He smiled, as much as he wanted to prolong the time for Hyungshik to cum, he kind of didn't have the heart for now. So he pushed the vibrator in and out in a fucking frenzy, while watching his lover moaned, grunt, and screamed his name. As he watched Hyungshik lost in pleasure, he couldn't help but to kiss Hyungshik, muffling the moans coming from him.

And it didn't take too long for Hyungshik to cum again, this time the cum was trapped between his and Heechul's body, dirtying them both. But Heechul didn't seem to mind at all. "Mmmm~ You just cummed for the third time today :3" Heechul made a cat like face and Hyungshik just had to laugh. He feel so tired now, he is so spent. All he wanted to do now is just kiss Heechul and go to sleep. But of course, Heechul had another play for him.


A/N: The second fic of HeeShik specially for eijichu  again :3 The second part will be posted after this. >,< Heeee. Since I really can't continue anymore xD My head stucked KKKK so enjoy this for now n.n <3

May. 27th, 2011


When a Virgo meets a Sagi

 Title: When a Virgo meets A Sagittarius
Author: Ila Way!
Fandom: ZE:A
Pairing: HeeWoo, hints of SiKwang, KevShik, Kwangchul
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own Heechul, Hyungshik, Kevin or any of ZE:A members but I do own the right to love them ;]
Warning: They said a Virgo wasn't supposed to be with a Sagi >[

When a Virgo meets a Sagi

Minwoo's heart beats like crazy whenever Heechul is near. He could feel it thumping like the loud beats the background is playing. Everybody's practicing Mazeltov and he could see Heechul from the mirror, not very enthusiastic today because of lack of sleep. When Heechul caught him staring, his blood rises and he looked away quickly, dancing like how he was supposed to, pretending like he never look that way. And much to his surprise, he tripped, and fell on his butt. Hyungshik and Dongjun laughed, and he helped himself up only to have Heechul whisper to him, "Does that count as my fault?" Totally not helping to ease the thundering heartbeat, Minwoo sighed.

The way Heechul shove the hotdog into his mouth almost made Minwoo nosebleed. He saw Hyungshik does the almost the same as well, but then he changed his pose. And that look Heechul and Hyungshik are giving to each other are so... suggestive. Minwoo find himself pouting, and grabbing his own hotdog, he opened the packaging only to be so distracted when Heechul offered the half bitten hotdog to Hyungshik, who had his finished. "Such a flirt," Minwoo commented and Siwan gave a knowing look, which Minwoo replied with a cute smile.

"Then out of all of us, if we were girls, who would you date?" Kwanghee asked, eyes hopeful. "Mmm? Lets see... Either Hyungshik, Minwoo or Siwan," replied Heechul while putting up songs for his newly made playlist. "WHY THERE ISN'T ME IN THE LIST?" yelled Kwanghee, obviously not happy. "BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO LOUD." Heechul had purposely made himself loud, to mock how Kwanghee said it. Kwanghee glared at the younger, "Hmph!" and made an angry face. Heechul didn't find that amusing. Maybe because he had seen that too much. "Then, if I'm not loud, will I be on the list?" Kwanghee asked, this time with a slow, low tone voice. "Maybe~" Heechul smiled. Kwanghee smiled back only to glare at the younger again, "But I think I will still like Minwoo more," Heechul added, laughing at Kwanghee's angry face. Little that he know, Minwoo, who had been eavesdropping from the start, jumped out in happiness. 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' he screamed in his lungs.

The younger Virgo never thought there would be someone so perfect and sexy as Heechul. Until Siwan decided to dance up to Rania song, just for fun. He had join the older, playing along, wanting to get that sexy vibe into him as well. But when Heechul and Kwanghee just have to come at that precise moment when he and Siwan is down on the floor, copying the moves, Minwoo can feel the blood ran a bit too fast to his brain and he stopped what he was doing, unlike Siwan who didn't care. Kwanghee then joined them and Heechul sat there, watching them three. 'Heechul hyung, your sexy rapestare are raping me...' he wanted to say that but Kwanghee grab him to move and dance along with Siwan.

Minwoo was playing around with Hyungshik, running around the dorm when Junyoung catches the youngest out of them. They laughed and Heechul, who was watching them play, smiled when Minwoo stick out his tongue to Hyungshik for being caught and to Junyoung who didn't managed to catch him yet. He took a sip of his orange juice, "He'd be a good catch," smirked Heechul before laughing at Minwoo who had tripped when Dongjun blocked his running track with his legs.

"Confidence is sexy." Minwoo nodded to Siwan's advice. He had to remember this, since sometimes he did lose his confidence. He's a bit critical to himself and when he critics himself he'd lose that, confidence. If he wanted people to see him sexy, he need to be confident. Still, he can't help to trip, this time on his shoelace the day after on 'Again' practice and lose his confidence when Heechul laughed.

A sagittarius is not a good match with a virgo. That's what he learned when Kwanghee decided to be an oracle that night and check out all of their sun signs. Minwoo's heart sunk deep when he heard that, just as Kwanghee's. "No wonder up to now, I can only be Siwan's friend..." The sadness in Kwanghee's voice made the air feels even thicker. Just like Kwanghee, he's a virgo too and Heechul is the archer. Then Kwanghee just had to add, "But they said Sagi is the best in bed and Virgo is the best catch. Don't you think the archers would want us?" Kwanghee made a comical pretty face just like how he always did when he takes his selcas and they both laughed.

Heechul always think that Junyoung is sexy, Hyungshik is cute and Siwan is pretty. But on top of them both, he thinks, Minwoo is all round sexy, cute and pretty. And it makes him happy to see Minwoo laughing and smiling when he is happy. And secretly he always think that Minwoo is scary when he's in his bad mood. Eventhough Minwoo's glares are epic fail. But he never knew that Minwoo thinks that he is perfect. And he never knew that Minwoo can never stay in his bad mood when he sees him.

They all eat alot. Minwoo admit that he really love food, just like Hyungshik. It is only that his stomach capacity isn't as great as Hyungshik. Heechul enjoys eating as well and that night Kevin work very hard to make tonight's dinner special because secretly he wanted to impress Hyungshik since today Hyungshik is a bit down due to the scoldings he get from the president. He figured that good food would lighten his crush's mood. He was happy when Hyungshik had a happy surprised expression when the food was served. Minwoo took the water bottle to help Taehun pour the water into everybody's glasses. And when he poured Heechul's he couldn't help but to wish that he could do this everyday.

Siwan was talking to the camera when Minwoo just feel like he needed a hug that time. At first he looked at Heechul. Heechul was busy talking to Taehun so he goes to option two, walking straight to Junyoung. Junyoung, who knew what that look means touched Minwoo's face and hugged the boy. He closed his eyes and whined, "Hyung~ I'm sleepy and tired." Junyoung smiled, "Well, why don't you go rest for a while? I'll come for you when we had to practice again." Junyoung is always so considerate and that's what he like the most about the leader. When he went down to escape himself from people and seek quietness in the recording room, Heechul followed him. When he laid down on the sofa, Heechul entered the room, shocking Minwoo a bit. Heechul yawns and Minwoo smiled, "Hyung, wanna sleep too?" Heechul nodded and they both relaxed themselves. Truth is Heechul wasn't even sleepy that time, he just wanted to run away from the crowd for the moment. He smiled, no, all he want is to be with Minwoo actually.

When Junyoung enter the recording room an hour after that, he saw two of his band mates sleeping. Minwoo with his mouth open again and Heechul still look as cool as ever. He stared at them, "They make a good match," Junyoung commented before laughing at what he said a bit. He didn't have the heart to wake both Minwoo and Heechul up so he went back upstairs, "Mmm, I think we can start without them."

Because they both kind of skipped the evening practice, they both are forced to stay a little longer. Heechul whined when the first van goes. He usually is the first one to go home but tonight he couldn't. Siwan pat him at the back, "Well, just for a while." Minwoo whined as well. He hated staying up late. Heechul pat Minwoo's back, mimicking Siwan, "Well, just for a while." And Siwan smacked his back. They laughed. Only him, Minwoo, Siwan and Dongjun are left there. Dongjun and Siwan wanted to practice their vocals so they went to the left side of the practice room, leaving Heechul and Minwoo together for the dance practice. They both danced to the choreography and Minwoo find it frustrating that he couldn't perfect his moves still. He had memorize the dance but he still thinks that it doesn't look as good as it should be. In the other hand, Heechul was getting bored of practicing the same song so he had to voice it out, "Let's change the song."

Sometimes Minwoo admire that Heechul can be satisfied easily but sometimes he hates it as well. Minwoo knew that he himself is a perfectionist and when Heechul wanted to change the song, he said no. Heechul end up leaving to join Siwan and Dongjun and Minwoo find himself hurting. But still he kept on practicing, wishing that he had just say yes while doing it.

A week after that he and Heechul had a fight. It's actually a small cat fight but to Minwoo, it feels big. Maybe because it's Heechul. "Maybe, maybe a sagi is really not a good match for a virgo," he said to himself, remembering what Kwanghee said two weeks ago.

The next day Heechul treated him like nothing happened so he played along, smiling and laughing with him. Heechul never admit that he's wrong but that's just because he is confident that he is right. Minwoo is however started to debate wether it's his fault last night. Not wanting to dwell on it anymore, "Heechul hyung, sorry for last night." Heechul look up at him, "What last night?" Heechul had totally forgot about it. Minwoo laughed, "No, nothing, hahahah! Uhh, want something to drink? I'm out to the convinient store." Heechul smiled, it is good to pretend like nothing happens.

When Minwoo walked out with Yongil to get some refreshments, he sighed, why is he like that? He shouldn't have said he's sorry. "Ah, I feel so stupid now," he said. Yongil gave him a look but he only smiled. He took the drinks the others ordered and put it in the basket. Then he saw some chocolate bars. He wanted them so he took one for himself. But then, he grab another one and smiled, "This is for Heechul hyung."

When Heechul got his chocolate he was a bit surprised since he didn't ask for it. Minwoo smiled, "Because I love you, hyung~" Heechul smiled back. Hyungshik whined, and Kevin decided to go to the convienient store to get snacks for him.

He was sober that night, he was totally sober but Minwoo wasn't. They all had gone out to drink, and now everybody's back home, some are dizzy and some are out of themselves. Kwanghee had been laughing at everything, Hyungshik had been pouting because Junyoung wouldn't let him drink, Siwan had chosen to just close his eyes and ears and Minwoo became dizzily hyper. When Heechul put Minwoo to sleep, he took off Minwoo's shoes, cap and his sweater. And just when Minwoo said, "I love you, hyung~" he had to kiss those lips. Minwoo kissed back, but Heechul figured that, that's because he's drunk. He took the opportunity to deepen the kiss and when they broke off, "You taste like alcohol." Heechul's blunt words killed Minwoo's romantic mood and Minwoo closed his eyes. Heechul took that as, 'he's knocked out' and left.

That kiss actually made Minwoo sober and he smiled when Heechul left. "Heechul hyung is a good kisser." He can't stop smiling and that's how he went to sleep.

Being a virgo, Minwoo is focused on one thing at a time and its very little details. Heechul, being a sagittarius focused on the larger picture and sees everything as a great possibilities. So when Minwoo is being critical to his own steps, Heechul had to remind him that he is doing okay and he, Heechul is the one who needs more help. Minwoo was happy to help but again, being the critical Minwoo, Heechul had to endure the sharp eyes of the perfectionist. It was probably one of the moments where Minwoo takes control over him.

Heechul jumped when Minwoo suddenly came right from behind him. "Hyung, I have a surprise for you!" Heechul cocked an eyebrow, "And what is it?" Minwoo smiled, "I just realized that, I really love you~" Minwoo kissed Heechul on the cheek before skiping happily. Heechul smiled.

Minwoo tried to calm his thundering heartbeat. He didn't know what he just did. It was actually, very random. He just did that out of nowhere and now he feel so shy and so nervous. Now, he wonder how Heechul would look at him. "Owww, what did I just did?" he asked himself, frustrated of his own random behaviour.

He went to Siwan, and asked about Minwoo. "Well, what can I see is he really loves you," Siwan smiled and Heechul nodded. He will make Minwoo his tonight and see if that's true.

When the temperature hits 3 degree celcius that night, on the outside, Heechul went to Minwoo, "Did you really love me?" he asked. Minwoo looked away, he didn't dare to look at Heechul into his eyes. "Y-yes..." a soft reply was heard. Heechul smiled, "I love you too," and he kissed Minwoo. Again, the thundering heartbeat started to attack him and he kissed Heechul back. His hands find a spot on Heechul's strong shoulders and Heechul's hands rested on Minwoo's hips. This doesn't seem real to Minwoo but he still smiled after their kiss broke. Heechul smiled back and Minwoo couldn't help but think that Heechul had the sexiest smile.

Minwoo's heart beats like crazy whenever Heechul is near. He could feel it thumping like the loud beats the background is playing. When Heechul hugged him from behind, it thumps even louder. The feel of Heechul's body against him made his heart go crazy. This feels good though, he thought. Siwan smiled when he saw the two lovebirds together and Minwoo smiled back to Siwan, through the mirror reflection. Hyungshik was hugging Kevin from behind as well, but mostly because he's sleepy. Minwoo thinks that Heechul is the best lover he could ever get and Heechul thinks that Minwoo is perfect for him.

Who said the virgin is not a good match for the archer?
The archer will shoot into the proud virgin hearts and with love and understanding, together they can explore the world, just like how the archer wishes and the virgin would be happy as long as they are together.

"Did you know that a sagi is very good in bed?" Heechul asked, with a smirk. Oh, that arrogant smirk. Minwoo thought for a while, "Well, I never had any sagi lover yet. You're the first." Since when Heechul cares so much about horoscopes? Could it be... Kwanghee who poisoned his mind just like how he poisoned his? Heechul's arrogant smirk turns into a very wide grin, and that grin means... "Then, you wanna try? I heard Virgos are shy in bed but when they unleash themselves..." Heechul licked the shell of Minwoo's ear, "They get very... animalistic." Minwoo blushed at that and Heechul laughed at bit. Purposely adding the tension, "They said, Virgos has lots of sexual fantasies. It's only that they are shy to do anything about it." Heechul smiled arrogantly when he knew he had hit that button. "Heechul hyung!!" Minwoo cried. It gets him so flushed and he was... well very shy and a bit uncomfortable with Heechul's blunt words. "Mmm, what is it?" "Stop saying those things!" >.< Heechul kissed Minwoo on the cheek and laughed. "As you wish~" He hugged Minwoo and rested his head on his lover's shoulder, to calm his lover down.

But somehow that does the opposite and it kind of turn Minwoo on.


A/N: FJKNBVSGHJKDNM yeah 8D So, i read in the internet that Virgos and Sagis aren't good together but I don't belive it >[ Minwoo looks good with Heechul >,< hehehhee <----is trying to comfort herself OTL

It's play time

 Title: It's play time
Author: Ila Way!
Fandom: ZE:A
Pairing: HeeShik, hints at SiWoo
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Smut
Disclaimer: I don't own Heechul, Hyungshik, Kevin or any of ZE:A members but I do own the right to love them ;]
Warning: Boys fucking boys, toys, unpredictability and a bit of stupidity


12AM. Hyungshik stared at the clock, eyes half asleep, body tired, throat sore and all. He should have gone to his bed and sleep, but he promised Heechul that he'd wait for him tonight. So, it's 12AM already, Heechul would be home soon, since the radio should be ending right now, right? But actually, honestly, he just wish that Heechul is here with him now, and Minwoo would be there since he's actually kind of jealous of the fact that Starry Night is for Heechul and Siwan and he is so tired of Minwoo trying to get him to play with him. He stared at the pouting Minwoo, "Aren't you supposed to be sleeping right now?"
Minwoo look back at him, "Aren't YOU supposed to be in bed right now?"
"Hyung~~ You know I'm waiting for Chullie hyung to come home..." he kicks the pillow near his leg and Minwoo smiled, wide.
"Oh~ I overheard about that," Minwoo laughed evilly and Hyungshik's eyes widened.
"W-wait, hyung, what did you heard?" Hyungshik panicked, a bit fidgety when he asked that.
"Oh yes, Shikkie ya~" Minwoo winked, "I heard EVERYTHING~"
Hyungshik ran to Minwoo, "Oh my god, tell me you don't! What did you heard?"
Minwoo smirked, a smirk he learnt from Heechul, "Well, I heard enough to set up some hidden cameras in around the room and here," he chuckled evilly and Hyungshik paled.

"Minwoo hyung ah~ Please don't do this to me... Please please please take those cameras off. Why would you want to record me with Heechul anyway?" Hyungshik begged, pulling Minwoo's left hand while pouting.
"Well, Junyoung hyung would appreciate the video?" he laughed, pushing Hyungshik away a bit. The grip was getting a bit too tight and he tried escaping from Hyungshik.
Minwoo ran away when Hyungshik's grip slipped and Hyungshik chase after him, going round and round the living room. "Minwoo Hyung!" Minwoo laughed and jumped on the sofa, "Hah! And then you two are gonna be on UCC! And gay porn sites! And Junyoung hyung's laptop!"
"Minwoo hyung!!!!!!" Hyungshik tried to pull Minwoo down but Minwoo was so quick, he jumped off the sofa to the floor easily. Minwoo gave him the tongue and Hyungshik got fired up, he is so gonna pull Minwoo's hair until he tells him where are the hidden cameras are. So he chased Minwoo again, Minwoo being overly happy and excited, he was bored, really and he can't sleep so picking on Hyungshik is probably the best activity to do now. But then again, because of the over excitement, Minwoo tripped and he fell. But he was quick to try to run away. Sadly, Hyungshik get a hold of his leg and he tried pulling Minwoo closer.

Minwoo struggled and tried to escape but Hyungshik managed to pull him a bit and now he's on top of Minwoo. "Ahhhh!" screamed Minwoo and then they heard a sound of something falling. They both turned around to see Siwan trying to pick up the bananas he dropped and Heechul staring at them. Hyungshik had a mixed face, he was kind of confused to either be happy that Heechul's home, scared that Heechul might take them the other way around or gave him an angry look for coming home so late. Minwoo in the other hand smirked, giving both Heechul and Siwan a naughty look. Heechul smirked back and Siwan blinked in reply to the look Minwoo gave. Minwoo pulled Hyungshik down, closer to him before pausing to stare at the other two. When Hyungshik tried to struggle a bit, Minwoo pushed him and jumps to Siwan, "Siwannie hyung~ I've been waiting for you~" Siwan stepped one step back and Minwoo smiled, "Let's get to bed, hyung~" and with that he pull Siwan by his arm and drag him to bed. On his way, he gave a look to Heechul and Heechul just stared, before Siwan show a bit of protest and Minwoo just had to pout cutely to his hyung before whispering something that made Siwan blush. Siwan then followed Minwoo obediently, not even sparing a glance to the other two left.

Heechul's eyes turned to Hyungshik, who's sitting on the floor, pouting. "I'm home~" smiled Heechul and Hyungshik bit his lips, "Welcome home, Chullie hyung." Heechul look around, "Well, it seems that everybody's sleeping already. And Dongjun's not home..." he walked closer to his lover, kneeling infront of him. He then pull Hyungshik's face to his and he whispered, "Should we play here or in his room then, Shikkie?" Heechul's breath was hot, and Hyungshik moan a bit when the hot breath caressed his ear. Heechul smirked, "I didn't even kiss you yet~" Hyungshik puffed his cheeks and pushed Heechul away, "Your breath, it tickles, okay!" Heechul made a face, "Okay then, I'll stay away from you." He got up and turned his back from Hyungshik. Hyungshik realizing that it shouldn't be like this, liking it or not, hugged Heechul's legs so that he cant move, "Well, hyung, all I need is for you to kiss me and not whisper things into my ear." He then pulled Heechul down forcefully and Heechul fell on him, "Ouch!" Heechul groaned when his knees hits the floor. He pull Hyungshik by the collar, "Park Hyungshik, you should be punished for being impatient. Are you that desperate?" Heechul was a bit angry, he didn't like being in pain even if Hyungshik is the cause.

Hyungshik paled, this is not going according to the plan. Heechul look grumpy tonight, does something happen in his schedule? "A-ah, Chullie hyung, I waited for you for so long... I..."
"Aren't you with Minwoo just now, Shikkie?"
"No! He can't sleep and that's why he bothers me and..."
"How did you end up being on top of him then?"
"I was trying to rip his hair out..."
"Oh ho, aren't you being naughty when I'm not home, Shikkie?" Heechul smirked a bit, it somehow made Hyungshik nervous. Heechul touched Hyungshik's lips, traching the sexy naturally pouty lips before licking it. Hyungshik let out his tongue to lick Heechul's tongue back, in a process of trying to get his lover to kiss him but Heechul pulled back, "Shikkie-ah, aren't you being a bit impatient today? Did you miss me that much, baby?" Heechul mouth went to Hyungshik's ear, sucking the earlobe before licking it, making Hyungshik truly moan this time. Hyungshik hands slipped under Heechul's shirt, caressing his back before tracing his lover's abs, wanting to feel more of it.

"Shikkie-ah, let's play around first this time. After all, you need to be punished and I know you'll enjoy it." There's a dark glint in Heechul's eyes and Hyungshik kind of understood what Heechul meant by play and punishment and he shivered thinking about it. Hyungshik let out a breathy yes and Heechul stood up, walking to the couch. He sat there, resting himself while waiting for Hyungshik to get some stuff, hidden in place where only both of them knows. When Hyungshik came again, on his hands are red silk scarves, with various length and a whip. Heechul pull Hyungshik down on his lap, "You only brought those?" Hyungshik nodded Heechul takes off Hyungshik's shirt, "Well, I guess I we don't have much time to really play anyway." He took what Hyungshik brought over and put it on the couch, except for one silk scarf and he tied Hyungshik's hands with it. Hyungshik didn't say anything nor does he object, he just watched Heechul's hands skilfully tying his hands together, adjusting so that it wont be too tight but not loose either, making sure it's secured for what's coming next. Once it's done, his eyes left Heechul's hands and went up to meet his eyes.

His heart thumps excitedly, painfully, out of mixed emotions in him. Heechul's eyes gave an intense feeling to him, and he feel like he couldn't breathe. He tried to kiss Heechul but Heechul held him in place and he couldn't reach his lips. He whined and his tied hands touched Heechul's chest, "Chullie-ah~" Heechul just smiled a little, before he started to trace Hyungshik's neck with his finger, feeling the smooth skin of his prince down to the south, avoiding the sensitive parts, purposely teasing him. Hyungshik moaned, and Heechul pushed him on the couch, violently pulling his lover's pants down, to reveal his expansive underwear that Siwan would probably have as well. "C-Chul..." Heechul move his fingers slowly, tracing Hyungshik's cock that's getting harder by the second down to his balls and to his hole. Heechul pushed his fingers a bit there, giving some pressure to tease Hyungshik's ass and Hyungshik groaned, wanting the final bit of his clothing to be moved away. He wanted those fingers to touch his skin so much, to go inside of him and touch his moist muscle inside.

Of course Heechul would like it more to have Hyungshik naked so the silent request was granted but only a part of it. Heechul pulled down Hyungshik's boxer, revealing the semi hard dick, wanting attention but instead of touching Hyungshik more he pulled Hyungshik into an embrace. "How does it feel to have your naked body pressed to my fully clothed one?" Heechul said huskily. Hyungshik moaned when Heechul thrust his hips up to his, the feeling of Heechul's pants brushing up his crotch is a bit too arousing. "Hmm-mm, Chullie hyung~" Heechul smiled at the breathy moan, before pulling Hyungshik up and throwing him onto the table, in a quick motion. Hyungshik let out a pained whimper when his knees, elbows and head knocked the hard wood. He almost fell but Heechul's strong arms supported him and he was held there on all fours. When Hyungshik had been able to support himself, he let go of him. Suddenly, just out of nowhere, two fingers are thrusted into Hyungshik. "A-aaahhh!" Heechul didn't waste any time and hit his lover's prostate with a thrust, massaging it with his finger to hear his prince moan. Heechul's fingers felt so heavenly inside, he didn't want Heechul to ever take it out until he could reach that hot white point. He could feel that it was lubricated as well, since it went in smoothly. But of course Heechul, being Heechul, when he thinks Hyungshik is ready for the interrogiation process, he stopped and pulled his fingers out of Hyungshik, making Hyungshik whimper at the loss.

Heechul sat at the couch, watching his lover squirm a bit and look at him. He smirked and he brought his fingers into his mouth, sucking it, licking it and running it down to his neck, moving towards his chest, down to his stomach and tracing his own crotch. Hyungshik's eyes followed every single move Heechul made with his fingers and when it reached his lover's crotch, Hyungshik swallowed his saliva, he want Heechul so much. He want to suck that dick, he want to please him and he wanted Heechul to put it into his ass, slamming him with euphoric pleasure. Heechul however, just closed his eyes, rubbing his own crotch, to tease Hyungshik and to harden himself and he suceeded in both. He heard something moving and he opened his eyes to see Hyungshik, kneeling. "Shikkie-ah~ I never said you can move." Heechul's eyes was intense, and that scared Hyungshik, with the same intensity of arousing him. He could never understand it, but whenever Heechul has total control over him, he just couldn't help but to want the man even more. He wanted to please Heechul, to make Heechul love him, to make Heechul satisfied and he, he wanted to be punished for every little wrong doing he does, he wanted Heechul to violate him, he wanted Heechul to treat him as his favourite toy. He could never understand why he wanted all those but he couldn't escape it. He wanted Heechul to torture him so much and then make him feel good.

It's twisted in a sense, but maybe he is just a plain masochist and having the sadistic Heechul as his lover is just perfect and his perfection is now ordering him go on all four again. He did what he just been told and Heechul grab the whip, "Any confession to make, baby?" Hyungshik thought for a while, thinking if he did anything that requires him to confess but even before he could really think, his buttcheeks are whipped, making him scream, "Chul-ah!" Heechul didn't even give him some time to think. "Yes, that voice," Heechul commented playfully, "Aren't they cute?~" Hyungshik whined, "I wasn't ready..."
"Well, that makes it even more," another whip was directed, "exciting~" and Hyungshik screamed again, his name. He had trained Hyungshik very well to scream his name everytime. He smirked that his lover, Hyungshik is so obedient this way and it excites him so much, he had to contain himself and remember that, the others are sleeping. "Baby Shikkie, I think, we need to use the gagball, since you're being extra loud today and I don't want Junyoung to scream on my ears tomorrow." Heechul kissed Hyungshik on the lips, licking it, "Go get them."

Lika a puppy, Hyungshik ran to get what Heechul asked for and when he came back for it, Heechul pinned him onto to table, kissing him feverishly for his reward. Hyungshik moaned, Heechul is a very good kisser, it felt so good, he can orgasm with just Heechul's kiss. But soon Heechul exited their shared kiss and his tongue was replaced with the ball, Heechul securing it so that it won't fall off. But then he thought of something else and loosened it back, "Shikkie-ah, bite this and don't ever let if fall. If you let it fall, I won't, fuck you, and I won't let you cum, understand?" Hyungshik nodded, keeping in mind that he shouldn't EVER let the ball fall off if he wanted a release. He looked at Heechul, Heechul seem to be playing with a scarf a bit before taking his tied hands and straining it down. Hyungshik is now guided to his earlier position, and Heechul made a little effort to tie the already tied hand to the table's legs. Not necessary but he just feel like it. Hyungshik wanted call out Heechul's name, to make him get into it already but he has the ball in his mouth and he was told not to lose it. This is torturing, he let out a breath. "Hey, Shikkie-ah, do we have anything tomorrow morning?" Heechul asked. Hyungshik turned his head back and Heechul made an 'oh' face, remembering that his lover can't utter a single word. He smiled, "Well then, I'll assume it as we don't..."

He kissed Hyungshik's neck, licking, while trying so hard to not suck on it. Leaving marks are forbidden, Junyoung will scold him tomorrow when he sees it unless if they are quick at hiding them with concealer like how Siwan always did. A hand crept to Hyungshik's chest, feeling the beat of his lover before going down to caress Hyungshik's flat stomach, and lower to Hyungshik's wet erection. "Uhnnn..." Heechul's hand strokes the length, fingers teasing the tip of Hyungshik's cock while his other hand goes into his pocket searching for something. When he found what he was searching for, a wide smile crept over his face and for some reason Hyungshik shiver, it's like he can feel Heechul's smile, even when he can't see it. Or it is the evil aura Heechul subconsiously emit from his core? Heechul hummed some song that didn't register in Hyungshik brain while pleasuring Hyungshik with alternate hard and soft strokes. Hyungshik shook uncontrollably, he's nearing the end. His chest felt so tight and he was drooling, and the gagball was making it worser.

And that's when Heechul decided to put on what he's been holding on to, a cock ring, a leather one. He heard that it will prolong erections and he never tried it. He thought it would be nice to have Hyungshik trying it on for him. He smirked when he heard Hyungshik made some noise, probably shocked when the ring made contact with his sensitive skin. "Hnnnn!" Hyungshik turn his head back and gave Heechul a questioning and shocked expression. Heechul smirked back, "Let's try this~ Someone suggested it to me," said Heechul, fastening the adjustable ring. Hyungshik gave him a look that almost look like a glare but it failed. Heechul laughed at that, it's so cute. Hyungshik sighed internally, and by 'someone' most probably means the internet. Internet is such a bad influence to Heechul. He always get new ideas from there. Even when they first started doing all these kinky and S&M stuff, Heechul get the idea from the internet. Even the roleplaying in bed and all. Well, maybe Heechul just like to experiment. Or maybe he just like to play around. Which one is it, he doesn't really know. But Heechul is always so unpredictable, it's hard to guess what he will do next. But he didn't really mind, he actually enjoyed it as well. And he is happy that Heechul only does these things with him.

As his mind wander what will happen next, his eyes fall from Heechul's smirk down to his already now too tight pants. The bulge was so obvious and he wonder why hasn't Heechul strip just yet. "Where are you staring at, Shikkie?~" Hyungshik blushed at that question, Heechul caught him staring at his crotch. He look up to meet those naughty eyes again. He purposely let go of the ball, spitting it out to get Heechul to listen to him, "Chul hyung, if you don't strip, I won't play with you anymore." He laughed a bit in the inside, he liked to surprise Heechul as much as Heechul like to surprise him. Heechul smirked at that but then he fake a pout, "You don't wanna play anymore? Okay then, I'll play with myself. He ran his fingers on Hyungshik's back, "Since you don't wanna play with me... I'll stop here," he said, stopping his wandering finger just right there, so close to Hyungshik's hole. Hyungshik just look at him, with a displeased and disbelieve look. He kind of believe that Heechul will not do what he said he would. And he'd touch him more but he was proven wrong when Heechul came to him, kissing his lips before playing with his tongue a little and stop just when it's getting good again. Heechul seperated from him, a line of thin, almost cant be seen saliva connecting them before smirking and walking away from the younger.

This is... not the reaction he expected from Heechul. He thought Heechul would be angry when he did that or demonstrate his dominance but Heechul just left and Hyungshik find himself staring at Heechul's ass. He sighed a bit, why does all he get is only staring at Heechul's body? Clothed one at that. He pull his hands, trying to get himself off the table. But the knot is very secured and he can't get himself out of it. "Heechul hyung~ If you don't wanna play anymore, at least release me?" he made a cute face, blinking when Heechul turn his head to look at him. "Ah, why you want a release?" Heechul smiled a big cat grin. Hyungshik wanted to bang his head on the table, Heechul makes his request sounded so... wrong. But he'd like to play along, "Yeah, Chul hyung, please?" Heechul came back to him, face so close to each other, "And what kind of release are you searching for..." he kissed Hyungshik, and Hyungshik replied. 'Why does Heechul have to be so sexy in everything he does? even in talking...' Hyungshik mused in his head. Heechul's tongue touched here and there, the sensitive spots inside of Hyungshik's mouth and Hyungshik couldn't help but moan. Heechul is a real talent when it comes to kissing and Hyungshik knew just how many boys and girls Heechul had surrendering themselves to him after a kiss from him.

But as always, Heechul's unpredictability always surprise everybody, he himself alot of times and this time he was surprised that Heechul broke the kiss off just when the knots are solved. Hyungshik find his hands free and Heechul smiled, "Happy now?" He blinked and smiled back, "Very..." before pulling Heechul in for another kiss. Heechul protested, "Well, you said you don't wanna play with me anymore?" Heechul look away, pouting. Hyungshik bit his lips, so, this how he want to play it, okay. He pushed Heechul and Heechul fell on the couch, with Hyungshik on top of him. "Well, I lied~" His hand quickly caressed Heechul's obvious bulge and Heechul moaned. "Don't you want me, Chullie hyung?~" he whispered to Heechul's ears while adding more force on Heechul's clothed erection. He knew Heechul wanted him and he wanted Heechul as well. Heechul smriked and licked his lips, "Since when did you become so naughty, Shikkie?" Hyungshik's other hand caressed Heechul's cheek, and then down to his neck and to his chest, "Since... you taught me to..." and he kissed Heechul again. This time Heechul didn't protest and his hands goes straight to Hyungshik's ass cheeks, squeezing it.

Hyungshik moaned into their mouth and Heechul teased him by rubbing his hole with his two fingers. When they broke the kiss for air, Heechul licked Hyungshik's lips, "Mmm, I think I need some lube here or, do you want it dry, Shikkie baby?" Hyungshik took Heechul's hand and suck on the two fingers that was supposed to be in, preparing him. He coated them with enough saliva to ensure that it wouldn't hurt as much tomorrow morning. The now wet finger goes back to where it was supposed to be and he pushed them in, into the tight muscles. "Ahhh~ Heechul hyung~" Finally, they're on it. Hyungshik closed his eyes, to concentrate on the feel of the two fingers inside. Heechul smiled and kissed his lover's neck, "Hmm, Shikkie, don't you think you need to lubricate the other one too?" Hyungshik's eyes shot open and he stared into his lover's face. Heechul had the smirk on. It makes Hyungshik feel like wanting to bite him, since that grin look so evil and teasing. "Yeah..." he replied breathily, eyes falling down to Heechul's crotch. He unbotton Heechul's tight pants and unzip it, all the while feeling his lover's up. "Heechul hyung~ Can we move there? It's hard to suck you like this," Hyungshik said, licking his lips. Heechul smiled, "Of course~" and they moved to the side so that they have more room.

Just when they are positioned right, Hyungshik didn't waste time to slip his hand into Heechul's boxer and get his prize out. He stroked it a while before licking it, making the older moan. The two fingers enters him again and he sucked on Heechul's dick while Heechul's preparing him. Heechul's fingers curl inside and it hits Hyungshik's prostate inside. Hyungshik let out a moan, which send little vibrations to Heechul's erection. Damn, that feels good, Heechul thought. He pushed into the spot more, making Hyungshik moan even more. He enjoyed making Hyungshik needy of him and he certainly enjoy the extras in Hyungshik's blowjob but if he kept on playing like this, he knew Hyungshik would come some time soon. He stopped his ministration and lift Hyungshik's face up, kissing him. "You want me?" he asked Hyungshik and Hyungshik nodded. "Then, take it." Hyungshik understood what Heechul means and he placed his ass on top of Heechul's erection, angling it so that it is right at his hole.

He lowered himself down slowly and enjoy the feeling of Heechul's erection filling him. "Haaah~" Heechul watched Hyungshik's expression. He was so turned on with how Hyungshik look right now. Hyungshik look as if he just got his addictive fix and he was actually enjoying this. He grab Hyungshik's forgotten arousal, stroking it. It helps in making Hyungshik's body get used to the intrusion. The ring was still on and for some reason he thinks Hyungshik's package has grown bigger. He thumb the slits and precums pooled. When Hyungshik felt that he's ready, he held on Heechul's shoulders and started thrusting himself onto Heechul. "Heechul hyung~" he called out Heechul's name. The sounds of Hyungshik's voice calling him is so beautiful. Heechul continued to stroke Hyungshik and he kissed his chest, feeling Hyungshik's loud heartbeat while Hyungshik help himself to pleasure himself. Heechul admire Hyungshik's skin, they are soft, like babies. That thought somehow made Heechul smile, well, Hyungshik does look like himself as a kid. It almost look as if Hyungshik never grow up, only that he grows taller and bigger. And hornier. Heechul accidentally let out a moan when Hyungshik's pace started to get faster and hyungshik smiled at that, knowing that he is doing it right. The feeling of being inside of Hyungshik is always so mindblowing and Hyungshik is so hot, he wonder if the boy knew just how addicted Heechul is to him.

Hyungshik on the other hand was so lost in pleasure now. He's thrusting himself onto Heechul and that just feels so good. The added stimulation of Heechul's hand stroking him made it even harder for him to even think, he just go with it. So he kept on going up and down. His mouth was open, since he can't breathe right and he could hear himself moan. Heechul's tongue on his chest makes it hard for Hyungshik to lower his voice. Heechul would have asked Hyungshik to lower his voice, since everybody's sleeping but he didn't want Hyungshik to stop. Plus, he love the sound Hyungshik is making, it gets him turned even on. "H-Heechul hy-hyung. I-I'm close." Heechul stroked Hyungshik's dick faster and thrust himself in, meeting Hyungshik to fasten the pace. He can feel his coming close too. Hyungshik's moans started to get louder and the thrust gets faster. After a few more thrust, Hyungshik came, spurting his white liquid to Heechul's shirt with a scream. Heechul continued to pound inside of his lover, he is so close and not long after that he came as well, inside of his shivering lover. Hyungshik fell on top Heechul who let himself fall on couch, resting, trying to catch up with their breath and the aftermath of the love making.

After a minute, Hyungshik gets off Heechul, and the cock ring fell from his now limping dick. Heechul catches it and smiled, "How does it feel to have this on?" Hyungshik scratches his head, "Uhmmm, I don't know. I forgot it was there." Heechul made a face, "Really? Hmm~ Well, never mind then." Hyungshik kissed Heechul on the lips, a light one, "Heechul hyung, I think we need to clean up... fast." They both look up at the clock, it's almost 3AM. Both of them then looked around them. They had made some mess and it's all over the place. Hyungshik look back to Heechul, 'Oh why am I the only one naked?' he asked himself, staring at the still fully clothed Heechul. It seems that Heechul had fixed his pants. "So, let's do it," Hyungshik said, as he started picking up his scattered clothing items. Heechul nodded and they clean up the place before cleaning themself up, just a short one since they need the sleep more. "Shikkie-ah~ Let's play something else next time," Heechul said, smiling sweetly to his lover. Hyungshik gaped, does this mean he has... new ideas or... new toys? He's doomed, Hyungshik sweated.

"Finally... they shut up," Junyoung groaned. Minwoo laughed at that, "Hyung~ you want the visual one?" Siwan slapped Minwoo's back and Minwoo laughed again. "You mean you have videos of them?" Kwanghee suddenly asked out of nowhere. "Oh hey, Kwanghee hyung, I thought you were sleeping," Minwoo said, hugging Siwan who's trying to have Minwoo shut up. "Well, I was sleeping but they are so loud," Kwanghee complaints. "Okay okay, let's just get our short sleep. Tomorrow we can kick both Heechul and Hyungshik for interrupting our sleep," said the leader. The room gets quiet for a while before, "Minwoo, you really have the video?" asked Kevin before Junyoung throw a pillow to him.


A/N: This is made specially for my lovely Eiji Satoshi the crazy Heeshik shipper xD And for some reason this is so... weirdly cracked I don't even know what I'm writing OTL But I don't know how to fix it so... >,< Enjoy it? Hahahaha

Apr. 10th, 2011

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Too Late Second Mix

Title: Too Late First Remix
Author: Ila Way!
Pairing: HeeShik, KevShik, HeeWoo, HeeWan, one sided TaeChul, MoonWoo, KwangSi, KwangChul idek LOL
Genre: Romance/ Angst? (a little)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I may not own Heechul or Hyungshik, but I own the right to pamper them with lots of love and... presents? I WANT YOU JUNG HEECHUL
Summary: Two new face enters the scene. Minwoo kept on running away and that caused Taehun to...
Warning: unbeta-ed, grammatical errors, boy's love content
A/N: The next chapter will be a present for ichijo_rui 
Warning: Emo Hyungshik, 3 boys hospitalized and... no smut.

You might want to read (Too Late) first before (Too Late Part 2). Then, you may proceed reading (Too Late First Remix) so if you still like it, you can read (Too Late Second Mix) and wait for the last chapter.
Heechul airport

Too Late Second Mix

Title: Too Late Second Mix
Author: Ila Way!
Fandom: ZE:A
Pairing: HeeShik, KevShik, HeeWoo, HeeWan, one sided TaeChul, MoonWoo, KwangSi, KwangChul idek LOL
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Angst? (a little...)
Disclaimer: I don't own Heechul, Hyungshik, Kevin or any of ZE:A members but I do own the right to love them ;]
Warning: Emo Hyungshik, 3 boys hospitalized and... no smut.

Too Late Second Mix

It was white. Everything was plain white and he was alone. All alone in the blinding whiteness that surrounds him. It scares him so much, all the white surrounding him. It even scare him more than the dark, he now wished that he is surrounded by the darkness instead of this pure white. He was unclothed, and it scares him, since he feels so exposed and humiliated even though he knew that he is all alone in this pure white cage. There seem to be nothing, no start, no end, it's like he's hanging in this cage. The only thing he is thankful of is the rigid floor, the base, where he's sitting on, even though it's cold. He is still curling into a ball, hiding himself from no one. The air was getting colder by seconds but Hyungshik didn't have the energy to do anything about it. He was tired, his breathing was slow and he was about ready to die there, alone. This world of nothingness is really meant for him, he thought. Because now, he has nothing. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose. He have lost everything. He... has lost Heechul. And Heechul is the world to him. He had just lost his world. That's why it's all white now.

He started crying again, when he think of Heechul. He feel so weak now and he feel so stupid. Boys shouldn't be crying over things like this, right? He's a boy, he shouldn't cry for other boy but he just couldn't help it. His body didn't want to respond to his orders. He wiped his tears with his palm childishly, this will never get better, he thought. The air is now freezing him, he started to shudder. There's nothing there to warm him up, he gave up even without thinking. He started coughing, the cold air hitting his lungs was painful and the coughing makes it even worst. He swear he tasted blood  and when he coughed it out, red liquid escapes too, falling in his inviting hands. His eyes widened, it's really blood. Does that mean that he will die soon then? "Hmph... maybe dying is better..." He was losing his sight, it's starting to get blurry and his coughing didn't cease. His hands starting to lose it's sense and it fell on the floor weakly as Hyungshik himself fell on the floor, back hitting cold icy surface. His legs gave out and there was nothing to feel, nothing to see, nothing to hear. His mouth opened, he was trying to breath in and out but it's so difficult.

Goodbye, Heechul...
Goodbye, Kevin...
Goodbye, Minwoo...
Goodbye, Dongjun...
Goodbye, Taehun...
Goodbye, mom... dad...
Goodbye, goodbye... everybody... goodbye...
Goodbye, world...
Goodbye, H-Heechul...

Even as his consciousness started to fade, his tears never fail to keep on running. But why... is this process going so slow? Is... is that the white stairs to the sky?

Heechul stared at the crying Minwoo boredly. This is getting... ridiculous. Everybody was quiet, no one dared to speak. It's like the time stopped around them. People who walked passed them all stared at the crying boy, earning unwanted attention. Siwan started to feel uneasy seeing Minwoo's tears and the stare directed to Heechul. He blinked few times, now a little afraid of the story behind. He didn't dare to look at Minwoo, he looked away, eyes down to his lap. Things are running through his head, and questions surfaced. Is Minwoo dating Heechul? Is he the reason of those tears? Is... He started feeling tense and a hand patted his back. He looked to the side to see Heechul looking at him with a somewhat worried eyes. Is Heechul worried about him? He didn't know but it was comforting. That hand continued caressing him and Siwan smiled a little. He was about open his mouth to say something when Heechul's eyes went back to Minwoo, "Stop crying, Minwoo." His voice was deep but was loud enough for everybody to hear.

Everybody was shocked when Heechul voiced that out. All eyes were on him and Minwoo was shocked too, that his eyes widened. Minwoo wanted to call out Heechul's name but he couldn't. His voice was stucked in his throat. Heechul throws him an annoyed look and stood up, straightened himself, "If you have something to say to me, meet me at the our usual cafe this evening." Siwan throw him a look, then to Minwoo, mind wondering about what Heechul has just said. Kevin, Taehun and Dongjun just watched the whole scene, not knowing what to say. They knew it was all between Minwoo and Heechul and for now they have no right to interfere. Heechul pulled Siwan up, and after giving a signal to Taehun, he take his leave. Siwan gave him a questioning look, but still follow Heechul nonetheless. He laced his hand with Heechul's and Heechul spat, "I can't eat when there's a boy crying in front of my face." Siwan smiled a little and nodded. He didn't mind really, as long as he's with Heechul, it doesn't matter. He followed Heechul going down the big stairs happily, now there's only the two of them. The lunch will be pretty. Plus, they had 4 hours break from their Computer Science class, so they have lots of time to themselves. He looked up to the blue sky. The sun was hiding behind the thick clouds, it's a good weather. And the winds are moving very slowly too, it feels good.

Taehun sighed and waved him goodbye before returning his eyes to Minwoo. Minwoo was holding his hand together, eyes watching Heechul with tears welled up. Kevin and the others gave him a symphathetic look. Dongjun reached out to him and held his hands, "Hyung, if you want, you can cry. If you want to let yourself out, we are here too. For you." He was worried, and he knew the others was as well. Minwoo could see that they are all worried about him but for now, he just... couldn't say anything. Not yet. Minwoo took his hand from Dongjun's warm hands and ran away. Kevin and the others was shocked and they chased after him but Minwoo was so fast it was hard to catch up with him. They wonder how could Minwoo run that fast with his condition like that and they started to suspect that all of the tears and the wounds have something to do with Heechul. They didn't speak it out, not very sure of their suspicions. Minwoo knew they are suspicious and that why he couldn't stop running, he didn't want to get caught. Taehun accidentally tripped on the stairs and Kevin and Dongjun was shocked. "Taehun!"

That time, Taehun was so scared, he had to admit. When his body hit the stairs so many times, he thought he was going to die, or maybe break some real hard bones. Because he can feel his arms and legs receiving the damage intensely. It hurts so much, he screamed. But when he hit the umptenth floor, he blacked out, so he didn't know if he did break them. Kevin and Dongjun stopped chasing Minwoo and ran towards Taehun instead. "Taehun! Taehun!" screamed them both. But when they were finally at where Taehun is, Taehun was already unconscious and he bled. Dongjun was stoned, he didn't know what to do. He knew he shouldn't touch Taehun, he might hurt him but that time his brain blanked, he just stared at Taehun with mouth open. Kevin, being quick to think, dialled the ambulans and told them the address. "Hyung... Kevin hyung... T-Taehun... hyung... He..." Dongjun was about to cry but Kevin hugged him and tell him it's okay. "It's okay, Dongjun, it's okay, he'll be okay." Truthfully, he didn't know but he have faith that Taehun will be all right. He tried waking Taehun up by calling his name but he didn't dare to move the boy. After a long, a very long 20 minutes, the ambulans arrived and the paramedics took Taehun to the hospital.

Minwoo ran like nothing matters anymore. He didn't know how the hell he get to run with his condition. Tears keep on falling everytime he moved his legs forcefully, forcing himself to run away, trying to ignore the pain but failed. But he didn't stop, it's more like he can't stop because if he did they will catch him. He didn't want them to know the truth... yet. He feels so uncertain and he didn't know why he's doing all these. He could have punched Heechul on the face and leave him because he is mad. He is honestly mad, he's angry at Heechul for treating him like that. But that anger wasn't so loud, he feels more sad and miserable rather than angry. He wanted to hate Heechul now but he can't, he couldn't. He didn't know it is this hard to hate someone. His head feels a little heavy, now that he's running so much. He tried stopping himself from running more, he was sure that he's alone now. Trying to stop made him fall onto the shiny floor, he couldn't control his speed that time and the floor was a little slippery. Once again, the fall made him hit his already bruised and wounded legs and arms and his head hit the wall.

It hurts so much, Minwoo swear he almost blacked out. He pull himself into a sitting position and pull his now bleeding legs. The bandage turns red again and he can't describe how painful it is. He clenched his teeth and close his eyes, trying to hold in the pain. The damage was harsh and that time he felt like killing himself. But he laughed when he knew that will never happen. Not anytime now. He can't even move his legs. It hurts too much. He sat there, all alone since no one's using the class. It's usually only used for examinations and right now there's no exam so, it was abandoned. This is... how many times have he hurt himself like this? He lost count. He stared at his legs, wouldn't it be great if Heechul come to him now and change his bandage like how he used to before? Wouldn't it be great if he kissed him and tell him it's okay? His mind wander back, replaying his memory like a movie.

It was in the evening and Minwoo was out with Heechul for the whole day, since Hyungshik had to go to his hometown to visit his sick grandma. Minwoo secretly and guility was kind of happy that he get to spend these three days straight with Heechul because of Hyungshik's grandma. He was all pumped up and they went to the theme park that day. Heechul was pretty loud on roller coasters, it's funny but he was scared as hell, he screamed even louder. It was even more funny when they get their pictures at the reception. Heechul's expression, with his eyes wide and mouth screaming open look so funny, he had to laugh right there and then. But when they saw his own face, it was Heechul's turn to laugh like hell. Minwoo's eyes was a bit watery and he gave off an expression of a kid terrified of a monster. His head was a little down, and he remember not daring to look straight. He didn't mind Heechul laughing at him though, not much because Heechul look so adorably happy when he did that. He pinched Heechul's right arm, faking a pout but he laughed in the end, joining Heechul in his laughing fit.

It was nice, it was unforgettable moments of him and Heechul. He had been the first one to make a move on Heechul that night, having bringing Heechul to his room, knowing fully that Heechul will never bring him to his. Heechul had treated him like he's the most precious thing in the world and for once, he had forgotten fully that Hyungshik existed because he had made Heechul his that night when he bit on Heechul's neck. He was marking Heechul as his and Heechul didn't seem to mind but all that kissing, touching and biting had lead them both to somewhere else. They had stripped each other out, kissed through the night, and admiring each other's body under the moon light that seemed to like them together. The next day was a little awkward when he tried, for the first time in his life, wake up early and make breakfast for Heechul. He had never been the one to wake up early, he love his sleeping time but he was so determined to please Heechul in every way during the three days they have with each other. He admit that it was hard, he had almost burnt his fingers while making the egg rolls and his hand almost slipped when he was pouring the hot water to make the coffee because he was yawning the whole time.

He scratches his head, staring at the toaster without much thought. His body was drained, and his butt area was kind of hurt right now but that didn't kill his determination at all, not a bit. He heard fabrics shuffling and turn his head to his bedroom. Right, he forgot to close the door so he could see Heechul trying to get up without opening his eyes. Minwoo smiled when Heechul looked around, like a sleepy lost and confused cat, trying to remember where he was. Then Heechul looked at him, straight from his bed and he smiled again, waving at him. Heechul seem to get it all by now and he lazily reached out to his discarded clothes from last night. Minwoo's attention was back to the toaster when it rings, giving out perfectly toasted bread. He took them and placed it on the plate before refilling it. Heechul was coming to him when he looked at the bedroom again, with white shirt, unbuttoned and his boxer on. Minwoo blushed a little, Heechul look so seductive and when Heechul smirked, he knew he was caught thinking that. Heechul hugged him from the back, resting his head on Minwoo's shoulders. Heechul looked like as if he would fall asleep again and Minwoo laughed, "Heechul-ah, you just got up."

"Hmmm?" Heechul opened his eyes and kissed Minwoo's neck, "Morning~"
Minwoo smiled sheepishly and hold Heechul's hands, "Morning too~ Ah! What time is your first class today?"
"I don't have any class today. Do you?" Heechul left Minwoo to sit on the chair. Minwoo looked at him for a while, thinking.
"Nope, I don't have either." He smiled. He lied, he had a class that day, but Heechul is more important to him so, he thought it wouldn't hurt to ditch a class. He could ask his friends about the class and take the notes from them. While spending the whole day with Heechul, comes in very very rare. Of course he'd choose to be with Heechul.

His flashbacks died when he heard someone calling his name. Then he felt a hand on his forehead and he pulled back. He was shocked to see his anatomy lecturer trying to get a hold of him. "Minwoo. Minwoo-ya. Ha Minwoo, can you hear me?" He didn't say a thing, he just stared at his lecturer. He felt tired and his consciousness are slowly slipping out. His lecturer was panicked a little and he shakes Minwoo, trying to get him to talk. But Minwoo was too tired now and his legs had started feeling numb. So, when he tried to speak, no words came out and he lost half of his consciousness that time. He felt arms lifting him and he heard some talking but he couldn't respond. His head was dizzy and everything seems so unreal that time. It's like everything is slipping away. He felt everything though and he was aware that his lecturer drove him to the hospital. When he was placed on the white hospital bed, he decided to just let go and the rest was all black.

It was only natural that Siwan would be happy when Heechul brought him to the shopping mall instead of the restaurant, right? Plus, he wasn't that hungry anyway, he had drank the orange juice too much in the morning, while waiting for Heechul to wake up. He woke up early today, probably because of the overwhelming happiness or maybe just because it felt kinda weird to have someone else on his bed. It feels a little awkward to him but he was happy, to open his eyes that morning. Because the first things he see was Heechul's sleeping face. He admit that he was a little shocked at first but when his brain started working, slowly rewinding back of what happened last night, he smiled. He pulled the comforter up, hiding his smile under it. He stared at Heechul's beautiful features, adoring, savoring the moment in his heart. He wanted to carve this picture in his brain and his heart so that when he wanted to see Heechul like this, he could just close his eyes and imagine it. He actually can't believe that he and Heechul had sex last night. It's like a dream. It was his dream and that dream just suddenly come true. He bit his lips, still smiling and the he licked it, wetting his lips. Then his eyes fell on Heechul's lips and he find himself staring at it.

Oh, that lips. His eyes blinked few times, trying to refrain himself from kissing those lips. As much as he wanted to just kiss Heechul, he didn't have the heart to wake Heechul up. Heechul's sleeping face look so peaceful and so innocent, a complete contradiction to who he is when he's awake. But it's not like Siwan is complaining, in fact he loved Heechul just the way he is and he wouldn't want Heechul to change in one bit. Heechul's arrogant and ignorant attitude, Heechul's hidden shyness, Heechul's jealousy, his cocky smirk, his envious side, his caring and gentleness, Siwan have seen them all. And he's glad that Heechul is complete like that. So, Heechul should never change even if he is bad to some eyes. Siwan smiled, "Nappeun," he whispered, "Nappeun namja." He chuckled and slowly he brought his hand to Heechul's face. He smiled, there's no way he could resist this, this man, Jung Heechul. And those lips... He brought his face closer to the other, and slowly, trying to not to wake Heechul up, he kissed the man softly, sweetly. He brushed his lips to the other, enjoying the feel of soft lips on his.

He honestly felt like biting them, he felt like licking them and have Heechul's mouth on him again but Heechul seemed to be deep in his sleep. He pouted, how he wish Heechul was awake earlier than he does. But if that happens, then, he didn't get to see Heechul's sleeping face. He kissed Heechul's lips again and retreated. "Nappeun namja~" he whispered once again. He can feel himself wanting Heechul, wanting to touch him, wanting to kiss him, wanting to be touched back and kissed and he blames Heechul for that. He looked passed Heechul for a while to check what time is it and the clock on the wall stated that it's only 6.30 in the morning. Siwan smiled, no wonder Heechul is still fast asleep. He thanked the clock for glowing the dark, or else he could never know what time is it since it's dark. He yawned a little and decided to snuggle up to Heechul. Surprisingly, Heechul held him close and he smiled again, he is indeed, lucky to be in Heechul's arms. He closed his eyes and listen to Heechul's steady heartbeat. He wonder, just how long this happiness will stay.

Not for long, he knew.

But he will, and always will enjoy it while he can, savor each and every moment, every second, and every breath he take while he's with him. Heechul moved a bit, bringing him closer and he find himself breathing on Heechul's neck. He opened his eyes, why is Heechul like this? Why did he pull him closer? Heechul's neck is tempting him, he swear Heechul tried to seduce him even in his sleep. He can feel his body reacted to the closeness and to Heechul's skin. He let out a harsh breath on Heechul neck and tried to slowly loosened Heechul's hold on him. He didn't want to get into more temptation than he's already in. He kissed Heechul's neck once before smirking and slipping out of Heechul's hold. He stretched out and tried to get off the bed, but once his ass hit the mattress, he hissed. He didn't know it would feel this painful to sit. He closed his eyes for a while, trying to kick the pain away and it somehow worked as he ease himself, reminding himself not to dwell about the pain too much. He takes a sharp breath and tried to stand up. It proves to be a little hard but he convinced himself that he is a strong man, and no matter how painful this could be, he could endure it. It worked. He tried walking as normal as possible and he walked himself to the bathroom. Soaking himself in the bathtub sounds good, with warm water, yes, he'd like that. So he turned on the water heater and began to fill the bathtub with water.

After the half an hour soak and thinking, maybe a bit of day dreaming, Siwan clothes himself and went to living room. He grabbed his cellphone and checked the inbox. There are few messages that he didn't even bother to reply to and he stared at it boredly before deciding that he should drink some orange juice that he bought 2 days ago just because he was bored and out of randomness. Until Heechul finally wakes up, looking half lost at his surrounding. And that's how his stomach is now filled with... random orange juice. He wasn't complaining now but it's just that he... "Heechul-ah, can we go to the restroom first?" Heechul looked at him and he smiled, the sweetest smile he could gave out to Heechul.

On the other side...

"They all should be lucky that it's me who is going to be the MC this Saturday. Because no one can do it better like it I did," Kwanghee continued on rambling all about himself. Junyoung sighed, why can't Kwanghee stop talking? He isn't in a good mood at that time, his girlfriend... the 3rd? girlfriend wanted to break up because she knew all about the first and second. He honestly think she should continue on with her decision, because he only accepted her because she asked. He didn't have any feelings at all when she asked him to be her boyfriend. He just find that she is cute and that's why he accepted her. He has a weak heart when it comes cute and pretty things. Even though he did not love her, he find himself liking her. Though he doesn't know if it's that protective side of him or if he really liked her. He sighed again and Kwanghee stopped talking. "Junyoung, what's wrong with you?" Kwanghee asked. Junyoung seem troubled. At first Junyoung told Kwanghee that it's nothing and he's okay but Kwanghee kept on digging and Junyoung knew that Kwanghee will never leave him alone if he didn't tell him. Junyoung took a deep breath, "Well, Hyuna said she wanted to break up with me."

Kwanghee was quiet for a while. But the he replied, "You still have Raina and Nana even if she did break up with you. It doesn't really matter, right?"
Junyoung throw him a look, "I wouldn't be worried if it's Raina or Nana who asked but Hyuna, she... she's a bit emotional, you know? I'm afraid if I said I'm okay letting her go, she'd hurt herself or something along the line."
Kwanghee mouth turned to a comical O and he nodded, signalling that he understands before patting his freind's back. "Well then, you had to do what you always did before. Talk to her real nicely and tell her you're sorry but she deserve someone better. Maybe like me."
Junyoung raised a brow and Kwanghee laughed, "Kidding~ Junyoung, kidding~"
The continued walking towards the clothing Kwanghee wanted to go, he wanted to buy new clothes for this Saturday event, where he will become the MC, but they stopped on their track when they saw two beautiful men walking to their direction. One had kind of sour face, and it looks like if he had a problem, like Junyoung did while the other was smiling sweetly, obviously trying to get the other to smile as well.

Both Junyoung and Kwanghee stared at the couple. They looked so... beautiful. Kwanghee swear he can see stars spakling when he looked at them, both of their face was so beautiful, like the moon. Okay, not the moon, the moon is only pretty from far but the point is they are beautiful. Junyoung too can't take his eyes off them, he didn't even realised that they both had stopped walking. He felt his heart beating fast. When one of the two looked at them with bored eyes, both Kwanghee and Junyoung's heart skipped a beat. It feels as if they were caught admiring. But it seems that they don't mind, because after he looked, he just ignore them. When they were out their sight, both Junyoung and Kwanghee looked at each other. "You see what I see?" asked Kwanghee. Junyoung nodded, "Two beautiful men."
Kwanghee looked excited, "I think I just fall in love."
As much as he wanted to laugh at the look Kwanghee had, he himself knew that he probably had the same expression as well, "Me too."
"So so, which one do you like, the right or the left one?" asked Kwanghee.
"Uhh, I don't know... They both are so pretty. How about you?" Junyoung questioned back. The truth is, both of them caught his attention and his brain melted, he couldn't really think right now.
"ME TOO! I don't know why but I think I just fell in love with both."

Junyoung laughed a little but then Kwanghee pull his arm, "Why don't we, check them out? Let's follow them."
"What? Aren't we supposed to get your clothes today?" Junyoung was protesting a bit but he himself actually wanted to check them out too.
"Aww, come on. We can come again tomorrow. The shop wouldn't go anywhere but them," he pointed to Heechul and Siwan's backs, "We will lose them if we didn't approach them now."
Junyoung nodded hesitantly. Kwanghee smiled a big smile and pulled Junyoung along in his journey to stalk the two boys.

Taehun opened his eyes to see the white ceiling. He tried moving his legs but he couldn't. It feels heavy and he looked to the side, only to realise that he's on the neck supporter. 'Did I break my neck?' he asked himself internally. 'Ahh, the fall...' He closed his eyes back, remembering how the hell did he get here and how did he injured himself. He breathe out after all the flashbacks ended, 'Well, at least I'm still alive' he thought to himself. He opened his mouth and tried to speak, "A... A..." he smiled a little, "Okay, at least I can talk." He looked around him, no one's there, "And at least I think I didn't lose any memory. Not that I know anyway..." He chuckled a little thinking that he must have watched too much dramas that he even think like that. He mused to himself, wondering what if he tried lying and pretended like he had lost some... memory. That proves to be a good prank to his friends. He smiled inwardly, planning some sort of situation in his head. Maybe he'd try that.

An hour later, someone came in. At first he thought it was the doctors but when he looked at the door, it was Kevin and Dongjun. Kevin noticed that Taehun was up and he rushed to his side, dragging Dongjun along with him. "Hey there, Tae, uhhh... how are you doing?" Dongjun didn't say a thing but he have a concerned look. Taehun reminded himself of his earlier plan and he made a face, "Uhh... can you tell me who you are?" Deep inside he really wanted to laugh when he saw Kevin's shocked face but he bit his lips, trying not to either smile or laugh.
"You... didn't remember me?" Kevin pointed to himself.
Dongjun was shocked too and he asked, "Taehun hyung, do you remember me?" He eyes were blinking, a glitter of hope can be seen.
Taehun thought for a while. Should he pretended like he only know Dongjun? Or should he said that he doesn't know the boy too? Taehun stared into their faces. They both looked very worried and he know that he souldn't be doing this but this is so fun. He just wanted to see how people will treat him if they thought he had lost his memory. Maybe he learned to have fun doing these evil thing from Heechul. "Uhhh, I'm sorry... but no. Who are you two?"

Dongjun and Kevin couldn't believe it. Dongjun was the first to speak up, "Hyung! I know it's not your fault but how could you forget about me?"
His heart sunk deep to know that Taehun had lost his memory. "Taehun, then, do you remember who you are?" Kevin asked, wanting to know just how much damage is done.
Taehun gulped slowly and thought for a while, "Of course, I'm Taehun, right?"
Kevin and Dongjun let out a relieved sigh, "Thank god, you still remember who you are," Kevin commented. Dongjun nodded and he came closer to Taehun.
"Taehun hyung, I know you have forgotten about me but... I am Dongjun. We went to the same university and you're my hyung, a sunbae. This is Kevin," Dongjun looked at Kevin and Kevin nodded, smiling.
"It seems that we have to do a second intro," Kevin chuckled a little. "I'm Kevin. You always call me Kev and we're friends."
Taehun smiled, "Uhh... If it's not too much trouble, how do I get know you guys? I don't remember anything, really."

Kevin and Dongjun thought for a while, trying to remember how did they get to know Taehun. Dongjun looked up, as if he's trying to look up the informations in his brain. "I think... we met because of Heechul hyung? And we naturally become friends after that..." Dongjun said, still thinking of how they first met. "Ahhh! I remember! It was that time, Heechul hyung was supposed to meet me at the cafe to give me back my pendrive and you were there, with him. Then we had a lunch together and that's how we become friends!" Dongjun looked so happy, like a kid who had answered a hard question right and Taehun couldn't help but chuckled at his enthuasiasm. He loved that boy, he always thought that Dongjun is so adorable eventhough sometimes his a little emotional. Then he turn his eyes to Kevin and Kevin looked a little lost.
"Uhh, I think it's almost the same as Dongjun? I think because of that ba... I mean because of Heechul too." He forced a little smile, obviously a little uncomfortable with the question. Taehun knew Kevin hated Heechul. Well, almost everybody can read it and it can't be helped either that Heechul treated Kevin differently, mostly because of Hyungshik. Jealous boys, Taehun thought.

"Dongjun, Kevin, thanks for visiting me," Taehun said suddenly. He smiled and the other two smiled back. "It's nice knowing that I do have friends."
"Well, hyung, you're lucky you have us!" Dongjun chirped happily. "But, wow, you broke both of your legs. And an arm. And your neck. That was harsh, eh?"
Kevin looked up, curious, "Do even remember how did this happen?"
Taehun thought, damn, what should he answer now? "Uhh, well, it's kind of blurry but I think I was chasing someone and then I fell. Isn't it like that?" He made an unsure face and looked back at Kevin. Damn, he's getting good at playing this game.
Kevin nodded, "Yeah. We were chasing Minwoo and well, you probably tripped and fell down the stairs."
Taehun nodded back. He wonder how Minwoo is right now. That boy is so broken, it pained him to see him like that.

But then again, he had warned him.

Minwoo wasn't really awake or asleep when he felt the doctor doing some routine check up on him. The doctor was asking whether he heard him talking or not. He could hear him but he was too tired to speak up and tell him he could. For a moment, he thought he saw Heechul. His eyes widened and he cried out Heechul's name before a strong headache suddenly hit him and now he was screaming because it was hurting. The doctor tried calming him down but it didn't ease the pain so the doctor had to inject him to put him to sleep. The rest was all black and when he's sober again he could smell that familiar scent of hospitals. He blinked his eyes several times, trying to adjust to the bright surrounding. And when he's used to it, the first thing he did was cry. He didn't know why but he just feel so sad out of nowhere. He looked around, trying to find a clock. He needed to know what time it is. Heechul's words are ringing in his head, 'Meet me at the our usual cafe this evening'. He usually meet Heechul at 5 or 6 so he needed to know if it's time already.

He couldn't find any though. He cursed silently in his breath. He tried to sit up on the bed. It proves to be a bit hard but he managed to do it anyway. He opened the drawer on the bedside table for patient's use and found his cellphone in it. He thanked god and brought his cellphone close to his heart. The phone strap hanging reminds him of Heechul. They had bought a couple phone strap, Heechul's red and his yellow. He quickly turn it on, and the digital clock says it's 4:37PM already. His eyes widened to the point that he can feel it's straining. He get out of the hospital bed, painfully because his legs are still hurting. He pulled his old clothes from the same drawer and force his legs to walk him to the restroom. He was holding the pain the whole time that sweats broke and when he was in the restroom, he changed his clothes. He went back to his bed and threw the hospital robe on the bed, taking out his shoes and putting in on. He figured that Heechul should never know that he had been to a hospital. He didn't want Heechul to be worried.

Did Heechul even worry about him?

That doesn't matter, he tell himself. Now, he had to see Heechul. He had to know why Heechul leave him. He wanted at least an explaination even if he doesn't deserve any. He actually just wanted to see Heechul. When he's all done, he walked out of the room, leaving the hospital, walking as normal as he could. He grit his teeth when the pain keep on surfacing. He had no idea if he could really walk all the way to the cafe when it's hurting like this. He was lucky that he saw a taxi coming to his way. He stopped the taxi and told the driver that he wanted to go to the cafe. The driver nodded and Minwoo was a little relieved that he didn't have to walk all the way to get there. He arrived a little early than he had expected. After paying the cab, he went in, to the familiar cafe. The familiar romantic surrounding made him feel so lonely and broken. The waitress came up to him and asked what he'd like to order. He just ordered iced chocolate, waiting for Heechul to come in anytime soon. He wonder what's in store for him. He wonder if Heechul will really tell him to fuck off this time and he wonder if Siwan is really the reason why he's kicked out of Heechul's life. He wanted to cry but he knew this wasn't the right place to do it.

It was funny, Junyoung thought when he remembered how did he get stucked into this situation. Kwanghee is still stalking the two boys and Junyoung knew, from the look one of the boy just gave that he knew they are following him. He had tried telling Kwanghee that they knew but Kwanghee won't listen. He sighed, why must this be like this. When Siwan seperated from Heechul for a while, Kwanghee followed Siwan and he took the chance to go and face Heechul up. "Hey there," he said, smiling to Heechul. Heechul look up at him, his eyes were half bored and he responded, "Yeah?"
Junyoung smiled again, "I think you knew that we've been following you for the past 2 hours, eh?"
Heechul only nodded and Junyoung laughed.
"Well, not my idea. My name's Junyoung though. Are you a student?" he asked. He actually quite knew that Heechul is a student from the way he look but he just need something to get a conversation with this boy.
"Yeah. I'm Heechul," Heechul replied.
"Nice to get to know you. Which university are you from?" Junyoung tried talking with Heechul more. He knew Heechul is the type that's hard to get so he had to play this carefully.
"Management and Science University." Heechul only answered that. He wasn't really interested in making friends. He had enough friends.

"Oh, so, you studied at MSU? I'm from the neighbouring university. How about your friend there?" This one is tough, he thought.
Heechul only replied with a word. "Same."
Junyoung knew that this is going nowhere so he had to lie now... "Oh! I just remembered. I have a bussiness to do at your university about next week. Can I have your number? I might need your help later on..." This is lame, he thought but he couldn't really think of a good lie for now. Heechul would most probably reject to give him his number now.
Miraculously, Heechul did agree. "Sure. 012-923-6253."
He saved Heechul's number and smiled to Siwan who came to them. Siwan was a bit curious of who he was from the way he looked at him. Heechul left his attention back to Siwan, "So, you're done?"
"Yeah~" Siwan smiled sweetly.
"Uh, I gotta go now, excuse me." Junyoung politely excuse himself out, knowing that he should go now.
Heechul looked back at him, "Sure."

Junyoung chuckled and left them. After half a minute, Kwanghee came to him. Loud as ever. "Oh my god! Did you just talk to him?"
Junyoung nodded, "Yeah. I did."
"Then, did you get his number? What's his name?" Kwanghee was so interested. Junyoung had to laugh at that.
"Yes, I did. And his name is Heechul." Kwanghee looked at him with awe.
"Life is so unfair~ I didn't even get to get close to him," Kwanghee pouted a bit, a hint of jealousy on the way he look.
Junyoung pat his friend at the back, "Well that's because you didn't even come close to him. Maybe next time, Kwanghee."
Kwanghee pushed Junyoung a bit, "That's easy for you to say." He rolled his eyes and Junyoung just smiled, Kwanghee is known to be like that.
"Aren't you a social butterfly? You can do it if you really want, Kwanghee." Junyoung teased him a bit, earning a teasing slap at the back.
"They're too pretty, my stomach melted like being poured with acid when I'm near." Kwanghee put both of his hand on his stomach, giving Junyoung a pained expression on how it feels to have... his stomach melt with acid, dramatically.
"They are." Junyoung laughed at Kwanghee and they headed to where they were supposed to go, before they met the two boys.

"Heechul, who was that?" asked Siwan. His curiousity gets the best of him. Or maybe is it a little jealousy hinted in his voice?
Heechul looked at Siwan. Somehow he felt like saying 'None of your bussiness' but seeing Siwan genuinely care, he saved his rude thought and replied, "Don't know. He said his name is... Junyoung, I think."
Siwan bite his lips, he somehow had a strong feeling that this Junyoung, is trying to hit on his Heechul. "So, what do you guys talk about just now?"
"Nothing much. Just few questions and stuff." Even though it wasn't wrong for Siwan to ask, but Heechul somehow thought that Siwan should just leave this alone. Probably because he is more than lazy to answer or think about it.
"He's definately hitting on you," Siwan commented. His eyes were somewhat different from usual. Heechul realized that there's a flicker of something burning there. Realizing that Heechul is staring at his eyes, he blinked, "Uhh, is there something wrong?"
Heechul just shakes his head, "Nothing." He raised his hand and took a glance at his watch. He sighed a bit, they had to go back to their classes in 30 minutes and he just feel like he wasn't ready for any class.
Siwan noticed the sigh and he asked, "Are you okay? You look... pale." Siwan felt like smacking himself on the head. Of course, Heechul was always pale, it was one of the things that he liked about the other.

Heechul ignored the question, much to Siwan's relief. "Do you have any classes today?"
Siwan smiled, "Well, I do share all the same classes as you, so, yes, in 30 minutes? Wanna head back?"
"You wanna go?" he asked again. He honestly don't wanna go. His head felt like they are stressed.
"Yeah~ Let's go." Siwan was full of energy. Completely opposite to him. He didn't know why but he felt so drained. But he did have enough rest.
He sighed for the 5th time that day, "I'll send you there. I'm skipping this class."
"What? You're skipping?"
"Yeah. My head hurts."
"Ohh, then, let's head back... to my home."
"You don't wanna go to class?"
"It's fine. You're more important." Siwan dared himself to kiss Heechul on the cheek. He smiled when Heechul seemed a bit surprised with his act. It's in the public after all. And Heechul never thought that Siwan is the type to show affection in public. Heechul just nodded and they went to the parking lot, getting into Siwan's car.

Heechul drove them back to Siwan's apartment. At first, Heechul hesitated a bit on whether he should follow Siwan in or not but Siwan didn't give him much choice so he had to comply with Siwan's polite request. Siwan linked their hands together and brought Heechul with him, to the elevator. The elevator was empty and he smiled at that. Hands still linking, Siwan pushed the button to his floor with his free hand and he took the advantage of having the lift to themselves by pulling Heechul close for a kiss. He had been wanting to try this for so long and he was happy to have it done with Heechul. Heechul just played along, he didn't have much to protest anyway and he wasn't so sure what is he feeling right now. It was all so mixed up. But he had to admit that Siwan's kiss made him feel lighter, it feel as if some of the weight on his shoulder were lifted and for that, he didn't mind having those lips on him again. Siwan's short moment of kissing in the elevator ended when they reached their floor. Siwan had to convince himself that he'd enough to pull himself from Heechul's warmth. He broke the kiss and pulled Heechul out, only to kiss him back, a light kiss on the lips before smiling happily all the way to the door.

Soon enough, Heechul was resting on the couch. His eyes were closed, trying to get the headache away. He wasn't so sure why he's having headache at this time. He was sure he had enough sleep, enough rest and all. It's just that, he tried so hard to kick away all those unnecesary things out of his head. All of those questions that keeps on circling in his head, those questions that he didn't know how to answer. Why is Hyungshik like that? What should he say to Minwoo. Why is he with Siwan now? Is he running away? How's Hyungshik doing now? How long this gonna stay? How can all this stop? Yes, all those confusing questions are floating, and he didn't know how to get them to go away. He didn't even know how they got there at the first place. Those are really hurting his head. Siwan noticed the pained look on Heechul face. He went to the kitchen and took some pills from the refrigerator. He poured some water into the glass and bring them along with him. He walked to where Heechul at and placed the glass on the side table. He touched Heechul's cheek, "Hey... you said you had a headache?" Heechul nodded and Siwan patted his thigh, "I brought you this. Maybe it could help."

Heechul cracked his eyes open and stared at the pills blankly. Siwan smiled and gave him the glass of water he brought along earlier. Heechul took the pills and swallowed it, with the help of the water that Siwan gave. He never really believe in those pills. He thought they are only matter of psychological effect or something but he wanted this headache to go away so he had to take the chance. He let out a relieved breath when the pills are swallowed and Siwan kissed him on the forehead, "Now, rest." He didn't know just how much kisses he had from Siwan today but those kisses are like magic, it does do a thing in helping him feeling better. It made him feel... something. He was about to close his eyes again when Siwan chuckled, "No, not here, Heechul-ah, go to bed." Siwan pulled Heechul up, on his feet and drag him to his bed. Heechul felt a bit drowsy or maybe sleepy now. The pills' effect were fast. Siwan's room was colder than the living room and Heechul flinched a little at the temperature but when he settled himself under the covers, it felt just about right. When Siwan snuggled up close to him, it just feel so comfortable and right, now everything was cleared out of his head. He held Siwan and let himself to go to sleep. Just for another little while, he thought and he sleep, with Siwan in his arms.

Siwan smiled contentedly. It felt good to be in Heechul's arms again. He could really get used to this. He closed his eyes too, accompanying Heechul to go to sleep. He just wished that they share the same dream, but that wouldn't happen.

And they slept, like that, the whole evening. Minwoo was left to finally cry, alone at their promised place. It was almost 8. He had been waiting since 4.45 and now, even now, there's not even a shadow of Heechul appear. He had his mom called him earlier. He had been dissapointed, because he thought it was Heechul and he had tried his best too, to convince his mom that he is okay and the hospital and his lecturer are being too concerned about him. He kind of thanked God for having his mom to talk with, the seconds passed doesn't feel so long when he was talking to his mom. He had tried convincing himself that Heechul probably forgot or he was busy and he should head back home by now but he didn't know why a part of him was so stubborn, wanting to stay and wait for Heechul no matter what.

Dongjun and Kevin were laughing, at Taehun's joke. They had been talking all evening, accompanying Taehun. Taehun didn't tell them that he was lying yet. He found himself talking with them even more comfortably like this. He never felt so close to them like this so he was getting reluctant to confess that he had lied. Plus, he actually wanted to see Heechul's reaction when he pretended like he know nothing of him. It would be fun and mostly, he was just curious. Knowing Heechul, there's nothing you can really expect out of him. He gets you surprised almost all the time, since he is so unpredictable. He wonder if Heechul would be surprised, or just ignore the fact and act like nothing ever happened. he would be so dissapointed if Heechul does that though.
"So, Taehun hyung, when will you be out of here?" asked Dongjun. It pains him and Kevin to see Taehun like this.
"I don't know, the doctor said nothing to me about that yet," he laughed. He honestly didn't really like it here. The bed doesn't feel as comfortable. Maybe he just loved his own room too much.
"Well, I'll help you for the notes but just for the classes that we both attend. I'm sorry I couldn't help for the rest," Kevin frowned.
"Wait, Taehun hyung, do you even remember who our university president is?" Dongjun smiles were so childish, Taehun felt like it somehow have the ability to heal people because it was so pure and innocent.
"President?" Should he say yes or no? After all, he could have said he only lost some memories. "Yeah, I think."
"He was in the same elevator with me this morning and I forgot who he was. So, I didn't even bother myself to bow or say hi, and you know what, he glared at me."
They laughed, that is so the president. Kevin and Taehun once got glared too and it never fail to amuse them. The president's eyes are so sharp. It felt like they're being stabbed.

After some laughs and jokes and sharing stories, a nurse came and asked them to leave since the doctor will be there in a second to do some check ups. Dongjun and Kevin had to leave, even if they wanted to spend more time with Taehun.
"Well, see ya tomorrow, Taehun!" said Kevin.
"Hyung, don't forget to eat and sleep okay?" waved Dongjun.
And they both left after the doctor came.

On his way home, Kevin called Hyungshik again, still to have the call rejected. It was never picked up. Dongjun pat his back saying it's okay, maybe Hyungshik just needed some alone time. Hyungshik does that before and Kevin nodded, maybe that's what he wants. But he was really worried. Why wouldn't Hyungshik pick up?

He had closed his eyes worrying that night. Wondering where have Hyungshik been. His mind started thinking of the worst possibilities. Like... what if Hyungshik is sick and Heechul didn't want him to know? What if Hyungshik hates him now after all those things that happened yesterday? What if Hyungshik had told Heechul and Heechul was mad and he abused Hyungshik and now Hyungshik is in a hospital and Heechul was keeping it as a secret and... He frowned, just where is this going? He didn't get to see Hyungshik for a day, and that's all, so what's the big deal? Hyungshik will be there at the Mathematics class tomorrow so he shouldn't be too worked up over this right? Plus, Hyungshik is probably avoiding his calls because he had something else to do. Like making love to Heechul. He smacked his head, why is this brain so cruel towards its owner? Yeah, it could be that but he didn't want to either think or know anything about that. He believe... well, he should believe that Hyungshik will be there tomorrow and he'd ask why... or maybe not, during their lunch break. Yes, that sounded about right. He nodded a little, agreeing to his own plan and tried to go to sleep.

But somehow... it was hard.

He kept on checking his phone, every 30 minutes in between his sleep, just because he was freaking feeling paranoid for that night. He didn't know why he was like that but he had a bad feeling about this. He really wanted to call Hyungshik again but he knew it's late at night and he wasn't supposed to do that. He closed his eyes again and let himself to go to sleep. But after 25 minutes, he was awake again and he checked on his cell phone to see if he missed any call or text. He sighed when there's none. Somehow he just wish that 9AM comes faster. His night that day, was spent like that, sleeping and waking up and sleeping again. It's very tiring and when it was 7.30 in the morning, he just can't continue sleeping. His brain just won't let him even though his body feels really exhausted and in need of a good sleep. He forced himself to get up and take a shower, eyes closed through the pouring water. The water was warm and comforting, and somehow his mind skipped back to the part where he and Hyungshik... was together in the very same bathroom. He banged his head on the wall, hitting himself a little, wanting to get that image out of head because he wasn't supposed to be horny right now but he should be worrying. It kind of worked and now he's back in worrying about Hyungshik.

Oh, why is he feeling like this? It must have been because he had shared more than he had should have with Hyungshik. He had let the other love him and he had let himself make love to Hyungshik so now it's even harder to get Hyungshik out of his mind. This might sound cheesy but his mind was constantly on Hyungshik and there's no way to get Hyungshik out of his mind. It's like, Hyungshik is the very reason why he is still here, living and he was content in making Hyungshik happy. It's important to him to know what's Hyungshik's been doing, what is he up to and everything. He shook his head and stopped the running water. Yes, Hyungshik is just that important, his brain supplied. He went out of the bathroom to get dressed and once he was, he made himself some little breakfast. While making them, he wonder how are the others doing. How is Minwoo right now and how Taehun is doing. He chuckled when he realised that he somehow sounded like a mother. He just care about them all, that all. And he couldn't deny the curiousity when it comes to Siwan as well. How did he suddenly become so close to Heechul and stuff. There must be a story behind it.

He take all his time, doing everything slowly. Even walking to his class slowly, since it's still early and resting on his usual spot with his ipod on. Eventhough he was doing everything very slowly, the truth is his heart was racing, the waiting for Hyungshik really kills him. He just want Hyungshik to enter the classroom like right now.

Sadly, even after the lecturer was in, there's no Hyungshik. Heechul didn't take this class so he wouldn't get to see him to ask about Hyungshik either. And the weird thing is Siwan was supposed to be in this class but he wasn't. Probably he's skipping to be with Heechul, he mused. And still, during the lunch, there was only him and Dongjun. Dongjun had been wondering where's the others too. He was curious of Minwoo, Hyungshik and Heechul, seeing that Taehun is in the hospital, still. And when Hyungshik wasn't there for the evening class too, Kevin was way too worried that he had gone to Hyungshik's house straight after the class ended to check on him. Right, now all he has to do is ring the bell. He pressed the bell button and after half a minute, Hyungshik's mom was there, smiling at him, "Yes, Kevin-goon, are you searching for Shikkie?" His mom was pretty, like Hyungshik is and Kevin smiled, "Yes, can I have him?"

His mother pouted, "He haven't come home yet. He was staying at his friend's place ever since last week. Maybe you should try and check him there. Ah wait, didn't he go to classes?"
Kevin frowned a little, "Friend? Which friend?" He ignored Hyungshik's mom's question.
"Ara... Heechul-goon of course. They seem so close," she smiled.
"Heechul? Okay, thanks!" Before Hyungshik mom could talk or ask him more, he ran off to Heechul's apartment, straight after bowing to her.
Hyungshik's mom smiled and closed the door back, "Hyungshik is so lucky to have all the good friends with him. Hmm, that reminds me, Minwoo and Dongjun haven't come here and visit for a long time. I kinda miss them~" She went back to resume her drama.

Kevin was hesitating now. He didn't know whether he should or not knock on the door. It's Heechul's apartment after all and he could feel that heechul just hate him as much as he does. It's mutual. But right now, what's more important is Hyungshik. So he knocked. Once and waited. But nothing happens so he knocked twice and then thrice and still no one answers. He sighed and was ready to leave. Maybe they weren't home. But his guts told him to just twist that door and open it. At first he was skeptical, there's no way that door wasn't locked but he tried anyway. Better try than nothing, eh? And it surprises him that the door was not locked at all. He gulped and pushed the door very slowly to avoid any noise. He let himself in, taking in the view of the interior. He had forgotten how Heechul's apartment look like since he only entered in once, with Taehun, Dongjun and Minwoo that time. The living room had a dim light, but it was enough to see everything clearly. It was clean and one of the room door was open. He recognize it as the main bedroom. His heart was beating fast and he felt like a ninja right now, investigating uhhh Heechul's place.  He walked slowly to the room, peeking a little for pre-caution.

And he saw Hyungshik there, holding his knees and he was sure that Hyungshik had no clothes on. He bit his lips. What is this? Does this mean Heechul is around? He started panicking, what should he do now? Should he run silently and get out now? Yeah, maybe he should but something in him told him that Heechul was nowhere around and he should check on Hyungshik. He wanted to slap himself for that thought but taking the risk, he went him and called Hyungshik's name slowly. "Hyungshik... Hyungshik-ah..." But Hyungshik didn't answer so he came closer and called his name again, "Hyungshik..." Still no answer. He touched the boy and Hyungshik fell onto the bed. "Oh my god, Hyungshik, you're freezing and oh god!" He was more than shocked to see how pale Hyungshik was and he tried to shake Hyungshik to wake him up only to be even more surprised on how cold Hyungshik's skin is. "Hyungshik! Hyungshik! Can you hear me?" Hyungshik didn't move and his eyes were still closed. Kevin started to get a little panic and he feel up Hyungshik's forehead, not hot at all but too cold. Hyungshik moved a little and his eyes started to open. "Hyungshik! Hyungshik! Are you okay?"

Instead of an answer, what he get was a weak stare and slowly, tears build up and Kevin was confused. "Hyungshik, can you hear me? Oh, wait!" He took the blanket and cover Hyungshik's body with it. He went on the bed and touched Hyungshik's pale and cold face, "Hyungshik-ah, why are you... so cold and like this?" Hyungshik only let out a very weak breath and Kevin can feel his heart racing, something is wrong, he thought. His brain was processing routes and he was confused to either, stay with Hyungshik there and waited until he gets warmer and better, or send him to the hospital right now. Not knowing what to really do, he asked again, "Hyungshik-ah, are you okay?" When no answer came from Hyungshik, he decided that the second option was better. He wrapped Hyungshik with the comforter and lift him up bridal style. Then he remembered, "Shit, I didn't bring my car." He cursed under his breath and put Hyungshik down back, reaching his cell phone, calling Dongjun.

"Hey, Dongjun, come to Heechul's apartment now. And, bring your car along, okay?" he said as soon as Dongjun said hello.
"What?" Dongjun asked, not getting the it.
"I said, come to Heechul's apartment now. And, bring your car along. Uhh, quick! Questions later when you're here." His hands are shaking and he certainly don't want to waste more time in talking when Dongjun could be on his way driving right now.
"O-okay..." Dongjun nodded automaticly, kind of curious as to what happened and why Kevin sound so panicked. Kevin never sound like this before. Not wanting to waste much time, he took his car keys and shouted from the front door, "Mom! I'm out! Bye!" and without even waiting for his mother's reply he ran out to get to his car. He is lucky his dad gave him the car just 2 months ago, after some nagging and all, it certainly comes in handy for him. He starts the engine and drove straight to Heechul's place. While driving, he wonder, what is Kevin doing at Heechul place. He somehow could feel the waves of them both disliking each other everytime they met each other's eyes. He never really knows why but he somehow had a feeling that it's better if he doesn't know. He likes both Heechul and Kevin so he just don't want to take side.

When he arrived, he hurriedly took the elevator up to Heechul place. The door wasnt even closed so he just went in, calling Kevin's name, "Kevin-hyung!" Not a second he had to wait, Kevin came rushing to him, "So, you brought your car?" he asked.
Dongjun nodded. "Y-yeah."
Kevin's eyes lit up, he was breathing out 'thank God' on his way to get Hyungshik. Dongjun followed him and was a bit shocked to see his unconscious friend on the bed, wrapped in the comforter. He watched Kevin lifting up the weak body and he offered his help but Kevin said it's fine and he can lift Hyungshik by himself. "But, Kevin hyung, what's wrong with Hyungshik?"
Kevin looked at him and sighed, "I don't even know. He body was very cold and pale by the time I saw him. I don't know what happened but I know he needed to go to the hospital. So, let's go now."
The youngest of the nodded. Even if he doesn't really understand the situation and there are so many questions in his head, he agrees that Hyungshik does look like he needed help. They both rushed to go out, not even minding to lock the apartment and went to Dongjun's car hurriedly. In the car, while Dongjun drove them to the hospital, Kevin held Hyungshik tight, he was really worried. He tried waking Hyungshik again and again few times but still he failed. The 15 minutes drive to the hospital seems to be so slow, he had the urge to tell Dongjun to drive faster but he knew Dongjun had done the best he could so he just wished that they'll arrive soon in his heart.

Once the big white building was right infront of their eyes, and the car was parked, Kevin immediately lift Hyungshik up and secure him in his arms. Then he carefully take large steps to get to the reception faster. Dongjun said loudly, "Excuse me, an emergency here!" And the nurses came to him, "See, my friend there, we don't know what happened to him but I think he needs medical attention now." Kevin nodded and a doctor came up. He checked on Hyungshik briefly and asked few questions to Kevin but Kevin can only answer some, he really have no idea what happened to Hyungshik.
"Okay, sir. Please wait here, visitors aren't allowed to go pass this area," said the brown haired nurse, as hyungshik was taken to one of the check up room. Even though Kevin really wanted to go in as well, he had to stay. Dongjun patted his shoulder and they waited outside together.

"Hyung, how did you find him? Why are you in Heechul hyung's apartment?" asked Dongjun, breaking the worrying silence between them two.
The older sighed, "Well, I went to his house and his mother told me that he's staying at Heechul's place. So, when I went there, the dorr wasn't locked. I help myself in and I saw him half conscious at first. He was pale, he looks weak and his body was very cold. But when I called his name, he fainted or something like that. I didn't have my car with me so I called for your help."
Dongjun nodded, signing that he get it now. They waited like that, wishing that nothing is wrong with Hyungshik.

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Too Late Second Mix [the left out part]

Okay, Continue reading here n__n <3

Siwan was up an hour after he closed his eyes, to Heechul's chest. He closed his eyes back, breathing out with his mouth after inhaling Heechul's scent. For some reason he feel so lazy to even move, maybe because it just get too comfortable and he was ready to resume his sleep back. But suddenly his cell phone rang, that song that used as the ringtone playing, annoying him. He sighed in frustration and Heechul shifted a bit, he must have heard that too. He moved a bit to get his cell phone on the night stand and clicked on the answer button. Sighing again with half awake mind, he asked, "Who is this?"
"Sunbae, are you free now?" asked the caller, it sounded like something important but Siwan figure out that it must have something to do with the student council.
The receiver sighed a bit, "I asked who are you and no, I'm not free now." Siwan was annoyed. Even though his dongsaeng called at the allowed time, it still pisses him off sometimes. He just wish that he will never get a call for school matters.
"Ah, I'm sorry. This is Kwanghaeng. Hyung, when will you be free today? I needed to talk." The sound of his voiced hinted that he was nervous. Siwan suspected it must be something bad.
He looked at Heechul. His eyes were still closed. No, he don't have the mood to hear bad news. Bad news ruins his mood. "Uhm, I'll just text you when I'm free. This number, right?"
"Yes, sunbae."
"I'll go now," Siwan was lazy, and after he heard "Okay, sunbae." from the caller, he clicked the red button and threw his cell phone on the nightstand again. He dragged his eyes to Heechul again wondered, if he should hug Heechul again and cuddle or get up and maybe cook something for him. His eyes were fixed on Heechul while thinking, and his thoughts were distracted when he stared at Heechul's pale skin. He wonder how can a man be so pale. He used to see pale woman but he learned that some girls are like that but it's rare to see pale guys. He find himself so attracted to Heechul's pale skin, because it made Heechul look like a porcelain doll and for some weird reason he actually kinda like porcelain doll. He smiled, and he decided to get up. He can sleep no more anyway.

He slowly get himself out of the bed, worrying that he'd wake Heechul in the process. When he was standing straight with both of his legs, he walked out of the room, straight to the kitchen. He was dissapointed to see there's nothing there that's worth to be cooked or eaten. "Ah, well, I guess ordering them wouldn't be so bad." He looked over his phonebook and found the number he was searching for. He thought maybe Heechul wouldn't mind to have his dinner delivered as well so he called, ordering food for two. After he was done, he went back to his bedroom. Heechul was up, reading a text from his cellphone. He saw Heechul's sleepy face turned into a frown and he dared himself to ask, "What's wrong?"
Heechul looked up to him and wondered for a while if he should say it or not. But his tongue slipped, "I forgot about Minwoo."
The older of them two's eyes widened, "Ah, you're supposed to meet him this evening." He remember Minwoo's tears and that shook him. He watched Heechul get up from the bed and he felt like pushing him down back, he didn't want Heechul to meet Minwoo. He was selfish but knowing Heechul, he didn't dare to say a thing. Heechul took his sweater and walked out of the room, with Siwan following him.
"So, we're going to meet him now?" asked Siwan. He was hoping a 'no' for answer but Heechul dissapoint him with a nod.

They both went to the cafe Minwoo was supposed to be waiting at and saw Minwoo talking to someone. Someone that has somehow familiar face.

Minwoo waited for Heechul. He knew he should have gone back home right now but he couldn't help it, his body won't move and he himself didn't want to leave. Leaving this cafe means walking away from their love, their relationship, that's just how much he feared walking away right now. He was nervous every single time ticking, and he believe, Heechul will be here in any second. So, he breathe in and out, trying to calm his nerves in ever single breath. He closed his eyes for a moment and laughed a bit when what he sees in the dark is Heechul. It's just that hard to let go of him, to let go of Heechul. His mind went running to wondering what if he and Heechul can't be like how it was before. He shook his head, no, not thinking of that. 'Not thinking of that, not thinking of that' he tells himself when his eyes begin to wet. He opened his eyes and "Ahh!" he exclaimed, shocket to see someone so close to his face. His eyes went big and his heart beats like crazy in shock.

The person standing really close to him smiled, "Did I made your heart go beating like the thunder?" He laughed.
Minwoo gave him a weird look, thinking if this guy in front of him is right in the mind. "Ah, you shocked me." He thought of not replying and just look away but he guess talking with someone would help this time go faster.
"What are you doing closing your eyes, shooking your head anyway?" His laugh sounded kind of sexy, and that quickly reminds him of Heechul. Heechul always had this unique laugh, you can always tell it's him even with other people laughing around. Minwoo's mind went running to Heechul, and he was lost in his thoughts until the same guy in front of him clap his hand in front of his face. He was shocked for the second time of the day and he looked at the smiling guy with wide eyes. He laughed, "Well, you seem to be so lost in your thought. For a cute guy like you, I thought of just kissing you then you'd wake up but since this is our first time meeting, that wouldn't be so appropriate, would it?"
Minwoo blinked and blushed a bit when those words register his mind. Cute? He knew he's cute. That's his weapon to get Heechul. "Ah, just... never mind." He sighed, "Why are you here anyway?"
He didn't mean it at all, it just slipped out. But the guy seems happy to have a question to answer, "I don't know. I was on my way home but I stopped by because I saw you. You seem to be in trouble though. Is there anything I can help you with?"

'Help me? Right, you don't even know me. And would you even help if you know what my problem is?' he thought inside. He sighed again, "But I don't even know your name..." he mumbled, but the other seems to catch it.
"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Junyoung, Moon Junyoung. And what would your name be?" His smile shines, through the dark night. Minwoo felt something inside but he didn't know what it is. When Junyoung offered his hand, Minwoo hesitantly take it, "Hi, I'm Minwoo, Ha Minwoo."
"Minwoo. I'll call you Minwoo then. That's a cute name. I had a friend named Minwoo too. But he wasn't as cute as you."
Minwoo smiled, this Junyoung is really good with words. He nodded, and Junyoung asked him, "So, why are you here?"
He looked at Junyoung and thought about how to answer this. Hesitantly, "Well, I'm waiting for someone."
"What? You have a partner already? I knew someone as cute as you wouldn't be single." Junyoung faked a pout and that made Minwoo laugh a bit.
"Well, it's a sad story though. I bet someone who talk as sweet as you wouldn't be single too," Minwoo counter attacked, making Junyoung smile a bit shyly.

Just when he was about offer Junyoung to sit with him inside, he saw Heechul and his mind automaticly went blank. His eyes met the other. He could hear Junyoung talking to him but nothing registers in his brain. It felt as if time stopped moving. Heechul's eyes were darker than what he used to see before and when heechul blinked, he blinked as well. It was then he noticed someone else beside Heechul, Siwan. Siwan seems nervous, he wonder if he knew anything about him and Heechul. Junyoung stopped talking when he saw Minwoo stoned, looking at... 'Isn't that the boy from this afternoon?' Junyoung's eyes widened. 'What's his name, uhh, what.. yeah, Heechul. What.. Jung heechul I think.'


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