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When a Virgo meets a Sagi

 Title: When a Virgo meets A Sagittarius
Author: Ila Way!
Fandom: ZE:A
Pairing: HeeWoo, hints of SiKwang, KevShik, Kwangchul
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own Heechul, Hyungshik, Kevin or any of ZE:A members but I do own the right to love them ;]
Warning: They said a Virgo wasn't supposed to be with a Sagi >[

When a Virgo meets a Sagi

Minwoo's heart beats like crazy whenever Heechul is near. He could feel it thumping like the loud beats the background is playing. Everybody's practicing Mazeltov and he could see Heechul from the mirror, not very enthusiastic today because of lack of sleep. When Heechul caught him staring, his blood rises and he looked away quickly, dancing like how he was supposed to, pretending like he never look that way. And much to his surprise, he tripped, and fell on his butt. Hyungshik and Dongjun laughed, and he helped himself up only to have Heechul whisper to him, "Does that count as my fault?" Totally not helping to ease the thundering heartbeat, Minwoo sighed.

The way Heechul shove the hotdog into his mouth almost made Minwoo nosebleed. He saw Hyungshik does the almost the same as well, but then he changed his pose. And that look Heechul and Hyungshik are giving to each other are so... suggestive. Minwoo find himself pouting, and grabbing his own hotdog, he opened the packaging only to be so distracted when Heechul offered the half bitten hotdog to Hyungshik, who had his finished. "Such a flirt," Minwoo commented and Siwan gave a knowing look, which Minwoo replied with a cute smile.

"Then out of all of us, if we were girls, who would you date?" Kwanghee asked, eyes hopeful. "Mmm? Lets see... Either Hyungshik, Minwoo or Siwan," replied Heechul while putting up songs for his newly made playlist. "WHY THERE ISN'T ME IN THE LIST?" yelled Kwanghee, obviously not happy. "BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO LOUD." Heechul had purposely made himself loud, to mock how Kwanghee said it. Kwanghee glared at the younger, "Hmph!" and made an angry face. Heechul didn't find that amusing. Maybe because he had seen that too much. "Then, if I'm not loud, will I be on the list?" Kwanghee asked, this time with a slow, low tone voice. "Maybe~" Heechul smiled. Kwanghee smiled back only to glare at the younger again, "But I think I will still like Minwoo more," Heechul added, laughing at Kwanghee's angry face. Little that he know, Minwoo, who had been eavesdropping from the start, jumped out in happiness. 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' he screamed in his lungs.

The younger Virgo never thought there would be someone so perfect and sexy as Heechul. Until Siwan decided to dance up to Rania song, just for fun. He had join the older, playing along, wanting to get that sexy vibe into him as well. But when Heechul and Kwanghee just have to come at that precise moment when he and Siwan is down on the floor, copying the moves, Minwoo can feel the blood ran a bit too fast to his brain and he stopped what he was doing, unlike Siwan who didn't care. Kwanghee then joined them and Heechul sat there, watching them three. 'Heechul hyung, your sexy rapestare are raping me...' he wanted to say that but Kwanghee grab him to move and dance along with Siwan.

Minwoo was playing around with Hyungshik, running around the dorm when Junyoung catches the youngest out of them. They laughed and Heechul, who was watching them play, smiled when Minwoo stick out his tongue to Hyungshik for being caught and to Junyoung who didn't managed to catch him yet. He took a sip of his orange juice, "He'd be a good catch," smirked Heechul before laughing at Minwoo who had tripped when Dongjun blocked his running track with his legs.

"Confidence is sexy." Minwoo nodded to Siwan's advice. He had to remember this, since sometimes he did lose his confidence. He's a bit critical to himself and when he critics himself he'd lose that, confidence. If he wanted people to see him sexy, he need to be confident. Still, he can't help to trip, this time on his shoelace the day after on 'Again' practice and lose his confidence when Heechul laughed.

A sagittarius is not a good match with a virgo. That's what he learned when Kwanghee decided to be an oracle that night and check out all of their sun signs. Minwoo's heart sunk deep when he heard that, just as Kwanghee's. "No wonder up to now, I can only be Siwan's friend..." The sadness in Kwanghee's voice made the air feels even thicker. Just like Kwanghee, he's a virgo too and Heechul is the archer. Then Kwanghee just had to add, "But they said Sagi is the best in bed and Virgo is the best catch. Don't you think the archers would want us?" Kwanghee made a comical pretty face just like how he always did when he takes his selcas and they both laughed.

Heechul always think that Junyoung is sexy, Hyungshik is cute and Siwan is pretty. But on top of them both, he thinks, Minwoo is all round sexy, cute and pretty. And it makes him happy to see Minwoo laughing and smiling when he is happy. And secretly he always think that Minwoo is scary when he's in his bad mood. Eventhough Minwoo's glares are epic fail. But he never knew that Minwoo thinks that he is perfect. And he never knew that Minwoo can never stay in his bad mood when he sees him.

They all eat alot. Minwoo admit that he really love food, just like Hyungshik. It is only that his stomach capacity isn't as great as Hyungshik. Heechul enjoys eating as well and that night Kevin work very hard to make tonight's dinner special because secretly he wanted to impress Hyungshik since today Hyungshik is a bit down due to the scoldings he get from the president. He figured that good food would lighten his crush's mood. He was happy when Hyungshik had a happy surprised expression when the food was served. Minwoo took the water bottle to help Taehun pour the water into everybody's glasses. And when he poured Heechul's he couldn't help but to wish that he could do this everyday.

Siwan was talking to the camera when Minwoo just feel like he needed a hug that time. At first he looked at Heechul. Heechul was busy talking to Taehun so he goes to option two, walking straight to Junyoung. Junyoung, who knew what that look means touched Minwoo's face and hugged the boy. He closed his eyes and whined, "Hyung~ I'm sleepy and tired." Junyoung smiled, "Well, why don't you go rest for a while? I'll come for you when we had to practice again." Junyoung is always so considerate and that's what he like the most about the leader. When he went down to escape himself from people and seek quietness in the recording room, Heechul followed him. When he laid down on the sofa, Heechul entered the room, shocking Minwoo a bit. Heechul yawns and Minwoo smiled, "Hyung, wanna sleep too?" Heechul nodded and they both relaxed themselves. Truth is Heechul wasn't even sleepy that time, he just wanted to run away from the crowd for the moment. He smiled, no, all he want is to be with Minwoo actually.

When Junyoung enter the recording room an hour after that, he saw two of his band mates sleeping. Minwoo with his mouth open again and Heechul still look as cool as ever. He stared at them, "They make a good match," Junyoung commented before laughing at what he said a bit. He didn't have the heart to wake both Minwoo and Heechul up so he went back upstairs, "Mmm, I think we can start without them."

Because they both kind of skipped the evening practice, they both are forced to stay a little longer. Heechul whined when the first van goes. He usually is the first one to go home but tonight he couldn't. Siwan pat him at the back, "Well, just for a while." Minwoo whined as well. He hated staying up late. Heechul pat Minwoo's back, mimicking Siwan, "Well, just for a while." And Siwan smacked his back. They laughed. Only him, Minwoo, Siwan and Dongjun are left there. Dongjun and Siwan wanted to practice their vocals so they went to the left side of the practice room, leaving Heechul and Minwoo together for the dance practice. They both danced to the choreography and Minwoo find it frustrating that he couldn't perfect his moves still. He had memorize the dance but he still thinks that it doesn't look as good as it should be. In the other hand, Heechul was getting bored of practicing the same song so he had to voice it out, "Let's change the song."

Sometimes Minwoo admire that Heechul can be satisfied easily but sometimes he hates it as well. Minwoo knew that he himself is a perfectionist and when Heechul wanted to change the song, he said no. Heechul end up leaving to join Siwan and Dongjun and Minwoo find himself hurting. But still he kept on practicing, wishing that he had just say yes while doing it.

A week after that he and Heechul had a fight. It's actually a small cat fight but to Minwoo, it feels big. Maybe because it's Heechul. "Maybe, maybe a sagi is really not a good match for a virgo," he said to himself, remembering what Kwanghee said two weeks ago.

The next day Heechul treated him like nothing happened so he played along, smiling and laughing with him. Heechul never admit that he's wrong but that's just because he is confident that he is right. Minwoo is however started to debate wether it's his fault last night. Not wanting to dwell on it anymore, "Heechul hyung, sorry for last night." Heechul look up at him, "What last night?" Heechul had totally forgot about it. Minwoo laughed, "No, nothing, hahahah! Uhh, want something to drink? I'm out to the convinient store." Heechul smiled, it is good to pretend like nothing happens.

When Minwoo walked out with Yongil to get some refreshments, he sighed, why is he like that? He shouldn't have said he's sorry. "Ah, I feel so stupid now," he said. Yongil gave him a look but he only smiled. He took the drinks the others ordered and put it in the basket. Then he saw some chocolate bars. He wanted them so he took one for himself. But then, he grab another one and smiled, "This is for Heechul hyung."

When Heechul got his chocolate he was a bit surprised since he didn't ask for it. Minwoo smiled, "Because I love you, hyung~" Heechul smiled back. Hyungshik whined, and Kevin decided to go to the convienient store to get snacks for him.

He was sober that night, he was totally sober but Minwoo wasn't. They all had gone out to drink, and now everybody's back home, some are dizzy and some are out of themselves. Kwanghee had been laughing at everything, Hyungshik had been pouting because Junyoung wouldn't let him drink, Siwan had chosen to just close his eyes and ears and Minwoo became dizzily hyper. When Heechul put Minwoo to sleep, he took off Minwoo's shoes, cap and his sweater. And just when Minwoo said, "I love you, hyung~" he had to kiss those lips. Minwoo kissed back, but Heechul figured that, that's because he's drunk. He took the opportunity to deepen the kiss and when they broke off, "You taste like alcohol." Heechul's blunt words killed Minwoo's romantic mood and Minwoo closed his eyes. Heechul took that as, 'he's knocked out' and left.

That kiss actually made Minwoo sober and he smiled when Heechul left. "Heechul hyung is a good kisser." He can't stop smiling and that's how he went to sleep.

Being a virgo, Minwoo is focused on one thing at a time and its very little details. Heechul, being a sagittarius focused on the larger picture and sees everything as a great possibilities. So when Minwoo is being critical to his own steps, Heechul had to remind him that he is doing okay and he, Heechul is the one who needs more help. Minwoo was happy to help but again, being the critical Minwoo, Heechul had to endure the sharp eyes of the perfectionist. It was probably one of the moments where Minwoo takes control over him.

Heechul jumped when Minwoo suddenly came right from behind him. "Hyung, I have a surprise for you!" Heechul cocked an eyebrow, "And what is it?" Minwoo smiled, "I just realized that, I really love you~" Minwoo kissed Heechul on the cheek before skiping happily. Heechul smiled.

Minwoo tried to calm his thundering heartbeat. He didn't know what he just did. It was actually, very random. He just did that out of nowhere and now he feel so shy and so nervous. Now, he wonder how Heechul would look at him. "Owww, what did I just did?" he asked himself, frustrated of his own random behaviour.

He went to Siwan, and asked about Minwoo. "Well, what can I see is he really loves you," Siwan smiled and Heechul nodded. He will make Minwoo his tonight and see if that's true.

When the temperature hits 3 degree celcius that night, on the outside, Heechul went to Minwoo, "Did you really love me?" he asked. Minwoo looked away, he didn't dare to look at Heechul into his eyes. "Y-yes..." a soft reply was heard. Heechul smiled, "I love you too," and he kissed Minwoo. Again, the thundering heartbeat started to attack him and he kissed Heechul back. His hands find a spot on Heechul's strong shoulders and Heechul's hands rested on Minwoo's hips. This doesn't seem real to Minwoo but he still smiled after their kiss broke. Heechul smiled back and Minwoo couldn't help but think that Heechul had the sexiest smile.

Minwoo's heart beats like crazy whenever Heechul is near. He could feel it thumping like the loud beats the background is playing. When Heechul hugged him from behind, it thumps even louder. The feel of Heechul's body against him made his heart go crazy. This feels good though, he thought. Siwan smiled when he saw the two lovebirds together and Minwoo smiled back to Siwan, through the mirror reflection. Hyungshik was hugging Kevin from behind as well, but mostly because he's sleepy. Minwoo thinks that Heechul is the best lover he could ever get and Heechul thinks that Minwoo is perfect for him.

Who said the virgin is not a good match for the archer?
The archer will shoot into the proud virgin hearts and with love and understanding, together they can explore the world, just like how the archer wishes and the virgin would be happy as long as they are together.

"Did you know that a sagi is very good in bed?" Heechul asked, with a smirk. Oh, that arrogant smirk. Minwoo thought for a while, "Well, I never had any sagi lover yet. You're the first." Since when Heechul cares so much about horoscopes? Could it be... Kwanghee who poisoned his mind just like how he poisoned his? Heechul's arrogant smirk turns into a very wide grin, and that grin means... "Then, you wanna try? I heard Virgos are shy in bed but when they unleash themselves..." Heechul licked the shell of Minwoo's ear, "They get very... animalistic." Minwoo blushed at that and Heechul laughed at bit. Purposely adding the tension, "They said, Virgos has lots of sexual fantasies. It's only that they are shy to do anything about it." Heechul smiled arrogantly when he knew he had hit that button. "Heechul hyung!!" Minwoo cried. It gets him so flushed and he was... well very shy and a bit uncomfortable with Heechul's blunt words. "Mmm, what is it?" "Stop saying those things!" >.< Heechul kissed Minwoo on the cheek and laughed. "As you wish~" He hugged Minwoo and rested his head on his lover's shoulder, to calm his lover down.

But somehow that does the opposite and it kind of turn Minwoo on.


A/N: FJKNBVSGHJKDNM yeah 8D So, i read in the internet that Virgos and Sagis aren't good together but I don't belive it >[ Minwoo looks good with Heechul >,< hehehhee <----is trying to comfort herself OTL


he will be cute and innocent forever...
hope chul won't corrupt his poor mind lmao xDDD

aaaah i didnt believe zodiac too because they said i can't get married with my shik :((((

i.love.chu ~~~ u made me thinking of cute minnu... i think i can have a nice dream of him tonite 8DDDDD