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It's play time

 Title: It's play time
Author: Ila Way!
Fandom: ZE:A
Pairing: HeeShik, hints at SiWoo
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Smut
Disclaimer: I don't own Heechul, Hyungshik, Kevin or any of ZE:A members but I do own the right to love them ;]
Warning: Boys fucking boys, toys, unpredictability and a bit of stupidity


12AM. Hyungshik stared at the clock, eyes half asleep, body tired, throat sore and all. He should have gone to his bed and sleep, but he promised Heechul that he'd wait for him tonight. So, it's 12AM already, Heechul would be home soon, since the radio should be ending right now, right? But actually, honestly, he just wish that Heechul is here with him now, and Minwoo would be there since he's actually kind of jealous of the fact that Starry Night is for Heechul and Siwan and he is so tired of Minwoo trying to get him to play with him. He stared at the pouting Minwoo, "Aren't you supposed to be sleeping right now?"
Minwoo look back at him, "Aren't YOU supposed to be in bed right now?"
"Hyung~~ You know I'm waiting for Chullie hyung to come home..." he kicks the pillow near his leg and Minwoo smiled, wide.
"Oh~ I overheard about that," Minwoo laughed evilly and Hyungshik's eyes widened.
"W-wait, hyung, what did you heard?" Hyungshik panicked, a bit fidgety when he asked that.
"Oh yes, Shikkie ya~" Minwoo winked, "I heard EVERYTHING~"
Hyungshik ran to Minwoo, "Oh my god, tell me you don't! What did you heard?"
Minwoo smirked, a smirk he learnt from Heechul, "Well, I heard enough to set up some hidden cameras in around the room and here," he chuckled evilly and Hyungshik paled.

"Minwoo hyung ah~ Please don't do this to me... Please please please take those cameras off. Why would you want to record me with Heechul anyway?" Hyungshik begged, pulling Minwoo's left hand while pouting.
"Well, Junyoung hyung would appreciate the video?" he laughed, pushing Hyungshik away a bit. The grip was getting a bit too tight and he tried escaping from Hyungshik.
Minwoo ran away when Hyungshik's grip slipped and Hyungshik chase after him, going round and round the living room. "Minwoo Hyung!" Minwoo laughed and jumped on the sofa, "Hah! And then you two are gonna be on UCC! And gay porn sites! And Junyoung hyung's laptop!"
"Minwoo hyung!!!!!!" Hyungshik tried to pull Minwoo down but Minwoo was so quick, he jumped off the sofa to the floor easily. Minwoo gave him the tongue and Hyungshik got fired up, he is so gonna pull Minwoo's hair until he tells him where are the hidden cameras are. So he chased Minwoo again, Minwoo being overly happy and excited, he was bored, really and he can't sleep so picking on Hyungshik is probably the best activity to do now. But then again, because of the over excitement, Minwoo tripped and he fell. But he was quick to try to run away. Sadly, Hyungshik get a hold of his leg and he tried pulling Minwoo closer.

Minwoo struggled and tried to escape but Hyungshik managed to pull him a bit and now he's on top of Minwoo. "Ahhhh!" screamed Minwoo and then they heard a sound of something falling. They both turned around to see Siwan trying to pick up the bananas he dropped and Heechul staring at them. Hyungshik had a mixed face, he was kind of confused to either be happy that Heechul's home, scared that Heechul might take them the other way around or gave him an angry look for coming home so late. Minwoo in the other hand smirked, giving both Heechul and Siwan a naughty look. Heechul smirked back and Siwan blinked in reply to the look Minwoo gave. Minwoo pulled Hyungshik down, closer to him before pausing to stare at the other two. When Hyungshik tried to struggle a bit, Minwoo pushed him and jumps to Siwan, "Siwannie hyung~ I've been waiting for you~" Siwan stepped one step back and Minwoo smiled, "Let's get to bed, hyung~" and with that he pull Siwan by his arm and drag him to bed. On his way, he gave a look to Heechul and Heechul just stared, before Siwan show a bit of protest and Minwoo just had to pout cutely to his hyung before whispering something that made Siwan blush. Siwan then followed Minwoo obediently, not even sparing a glance to the other two left.

Heechul's eyes turned to Hyungshik, who's sitting on the floor, pouting. "I'm home~" smiled Heechul and Hyungshik bit his lips, "Welcome home, Chullie hyung." Heechul look around, "Well, it seems that everybody's sleeping already. And Dongjun's not home..." he walked closer to his lover, kneeling infront of him. He then pull Hyungshik's face to his and he whispered, "Should we play here or in his room then, Shikkie?" Heechul's breath was hot, and Hyungshik moan a bit when the hot breath caressed his ear. Heechul smirked, "I didn't even kiss you yet~" Hyungshik puffed his cheeks and pushed Heechul away, "Your breath, it tickles, okay!" Heechul made a face, "Okay then, I'll stay away from you." He got up and turned his back from Hyungshik. Hyungshik realizing that it shouldn't be like this, liking it or not, hugged Heechul's legs so that he cant move, "Well, hyung, all I need is for you to kiss me and not whisper things into my ear." He then pulled Heechul down forcefully and Heechul fell on him, "Ouch!" Heechul groaned when his knees hits the floor. He pull Hyungshik by the collar, "Park Hyungshik, you should be punished for being impatient. Are you that desperate?" Heechul was a bit angry, he didn't like being in pain even if Hyungshik is the cause.

Hyungshik paled, this is not going according to the plan. Heechul look grumpy tonight, does something happen in his schedule? "A-ah, Chullie hyung, I waited for you for so long... I..."
"Aren't you with Minwoo just now, Shikkie?"
"No! He can't sleep and that's why he bothers me and..."
"How did you end up being on top of him then?"
"I was trying to rip his hair out..."
"Oh ho, aren't you being naughty when I'm not home, Shikkie?" Heechul smirked a bit, it somehow made Hyungshik nervous. Heechul touched Hyungshik's lips, traching the sexy naturally pouty lips before licking it. Hyungshik let out his tongue to lick Heechul's tongue back, in a process of trying to get his lover to kiss him but Heechul pulled back, "Shikkie-ah, aren't you being a bit impatient today? Did you miss me that much, baby?" Heechul mouth went to Hyungshik's ear, sucking the earlobe before licking it, making Hyungshik truly moan this time. Hyungshik hands slipped under Heechul's shirt, caressing his back before tracing his lover's abs, wanting to feel more of it.

"Shikkie-ah, let's play around first this time. After all, you need to be punished and I know you'll enjoy it." There's a dark glint in Heechul's eyes and Hyungshik kind of understood what Heechul meant by play and punishment and he shivered thinking about it. Hyungshik let out a breathy yes and Heechul stood up, walking to the couch. He sat there, resting himself while waiting for Hyungshik to get some stuff, hidden in place where only both of them knows. When Hyungshik came again, on his hands are red silk scarves, with various length and a whip. Heechul pull Hyungshik down on his lap, "You only brought those?" Hyungshik nodded Heechul takes off Hyungshik's shirt, "Well, I guess I we don't have much time to really play anyway." He took what Hyungshik brought over and put it on the couch, except for one silk scarf and he tied Hyungshik's hands with it. Hyungshik didn't say anything nor does he object, he just watched Heechul's hands skilfully tying his hands together, adjusting so that it wont be too tight but not loose either, making sure it's secured for what's coming next. Once it's done, his eyes left Heechul's hands and went up to meet his eyes.

His heart thumps excitedly, painfully, out of mixed emotions in him. Heechul's eyes gave an intense feeling to him, and he feel like he couldn't breathe. He tried to kiss Heechul but Heechul held him in place and he couldn't reach his lips. He whined and his tied hands touched Heechul's chest, "Chullie-ah~" Heechul just smiled a little, before he started to trace Hyungshik's neck with his finger, feeling the smooth skin of his prince down to the south, avoiding the sensitive parts, purposely teasing him. Hyungshik moaned, and Heechul pushed him on the couch, violently pulling his lover's pants down, to reveal his expansive underwear that Siwan would probably have as well. "C-Chul..." Heechul move his fingers slowly, tracing Hyungshik's cock that's getting harder by the second down to his balls and to his hole. Heechul pushed his fingers a bit there, giving some pressure to tease Hyungshik's ass and Hyungshik groaned, wanting the final bit of his clothing to be moved away. He wanted those fingers to touch his skin so much, to go inside of him and touch his moist muscle inside.

Of course Heechul would like it more to have Hyungshik naked so the silent request was granted but only a part of it. Heechul pulled down Hyungshik's boxer, revealing the semi hard dick, wanting attention but instead of touching Hyungshik more he pulled Hyungshik into an embrace. "How does it feel to have your naked body pressed to my fully clothed one?" Heechul said huskily. Hyungshik moaned when Heechul thrust his hips up to his, the feeling of Heechul's pants brushing up his crotch is a bit too arousing. "Hmm-mm, Chullie hyung~" Heechul smiled at the breathy moan, before pulling Hyungshik up and throwing him onto the table, in a quick motion. Hyungshik let out a pained whimper when his knees, elbows and head knocked the hard wood. He almost fell but Heechul's strong arms supported him and he was held there on all fours. When Hyungshik had been able to support himself, he let go of him. Suddenly, just out of nowhere, two fingers are thrusted into Hyungshik. "A-aaahhh!" Heechul didn't waste any time and hit his lover's prostate with a thrust, massaging it with his finger to hear his prince moan. Heechul's fingers felt so heavenly inside, he didn't want Heechul to ever take it out until he could reach that hot white point. He could feel that it was lubricated as well, since it went in smoothly. But of course Heechul, being Heechul, when he thinks Hyungshik is ready for the interrogiation process, he stopped and pulled his fingers out of Hyungshik, making Hyungshik whimper at the loss.

Heechul sat at the couch, watching his lover squirm a bit and look at him. He smirked and he brought his fingers into his mouth, sucking it, licking it and running it down to his neck, moving towards his chest, down to his stomach and tracing his own crotch. Hyungshik's eyes followed every single move Heechul made with his fingers and when it reached his lover's crotch, Hyungshik swallowed his saliva, he want Heechul so much. He want to suck that dick, he want to please him and he wanted Heechul to put it into his ass, slamming him with euphoric pleasure. Heechul however, just closed his eyes, rubbing his own crotch, to tease Hyungshik and to harden himself and he suceeded in both. He heard something moving and he opened his eyes to see Hyungshik, kneeling. "Shikkie-ah~ I never said you can move." Heechul's eyes was intense, and that scared Hyungshik, with the same intensity of arousing him. He could never understand it, but whenever Heechul has total control over him, he just couldn't help but to want the man even more. He wanted to please Heechul, to make Heechul love him, to make Heechul satisfied and he, he wanted to be punished for every little wrong doing he does, he wanted Heechul to violate him, he wanted Heechul to treat him as his favourite toy. He could never understand why he wanted all those but he couldn't escape it. He wanted Heechul to torture him so much and then make him feel good.

It's twisted in a sense, but maybe he is just a plain masochist and having the sadistic Heechul as his lover is just perfect and his perfection is now ordering him go on all four again. He did what he just been told and Heechul grab the whip, "Any confession to make, baby?" Hyungshik thought for a while, thinking if he did anything that requires him to confess but even before he could really think, his buttcheeks are whipped, making him scream, "Chul-ah!" Heechul didn't even give him some time to think. "Yes, that voice," Heechul commented playfully, "Aren't they cute?~" Hyungshik whined, "I wasn't ready..."
"Well, that makes it even more," another whip was directed, "exciting~" and Hyungshik screamed again, his name. He had trained Hyungshik very well to scream his name everytime. He smirked that his lover, Hyungshik is so obedient this way and it excites him so much, he had to contain himself and remember that, the others are sleeping. "Baby Shikkie, I think, we need to use the gagball, since you're being extra loud today and I don't want Junyoung to scream on my ears tomorrow." Heechul kissed Hyungshik on the lips, licking it, "Go get them."

Lika a puppy, Hyungshik ran to get what Heechul asked for and when he came back for it, Heechul pinned him onto to table, kissing him feverishly for his reward. Hyungshik moaned, Heechul is a very good kisser, it felt so good, he can orgasm with just Heechul's kiss. But soon Heechul exited their shared kiss and his tongue was replaced with the ball, Heechul securing it so that it won't fall off. But then he thought of something else and loosened it back, "Shikkie-ah, bite this and don't ever let if fall. If you let it fall, I won't, fuck you, and I won't let you cum, understand?" Hyungshik nodded, keeping in mind that he shouldn't EVER let the ball fall off if he wanted a release. He looked at Heechul, Heechul seem to be playing with a scarf a bit before taking his tied hands and straining it down. Hyungshik is now guided to his earlier position, and Heechul made a little effort to tie the already tied hand to the table's legs. Not necessary but he just feel like it. Hyungshik wanted call out Heechul's name, to make him get into it already but he has the ball in his mouth and he was told not to lose it. This is torturing, he let out a breath. "Hey, Shikkie-ah, do we have anything tomorrow morning?" Heechul asked. Hyungshik turned his head back and Heechul made an 'oh' face, remembering that his lover can't utter a single word. He smiled, "Well then, I'll assume it as we don't..."

He kissed Hyungshik's neck, licking, while trying so hard to not suck on it. Leaving marks are forbidden, Junyoung will scold him tomorrow when he sees it unless if they are quick at hiding them with concealer like how Siwan always did. A hand crept to Hyungshik's chest, feeling the beat of his lover before going down to caress Hyungshik's flat stomach, and lower to Hyungshik's wet erection. "Uhnnn..." Heechul's hand strokes the length, fingers teasing the tip of Hyungshik's cock while his other hand goes into his pocket searching for something. When he found what he was searching for, a wide smile crept over his face and for some reason Hyungshik shiver, it's like he can feel Heechul's smile, even when he can't see it. Or it is the evil aura Heechul subconsiously emit from his core? Heechul hummed some song that didn't register in Hyungshik brain while pleasuring Hyungshik with alternate hard and soft strokes. Hyungshik shook uncontrollably, he's nearing the end. His chest felt so tight and he was drooling, and the gagball was making it worser.

And that's when Heechul decided to put on what he's been holding on to, a cock ring, a leather one. He heard that it will prolong erections and he never tried it. He thought it would be nice to have Hyungshik trying it on for him. He smirked when he heard Hyungshik made some noise, probably shocked when the ring made contact with his sensitive skin. "Hnnnn!" Hyungshik turn his head back and gave Heechul a questioning and shocked expression. Heechul smirked back, "Let's try this~ Someone suggested it to me," said Heechul, fastening the adjustable ring. Hyungshik gave him a look that almost look like a glare but it failed. Heechul laughed at that, it's so cute. Hyungshik sighed internally, and by 'someone' most probably means the internet. Internet is such a bad influence to Heechul. He always get new ideas from there. Even when they first started doing all these kinky and S&M stuff, Heechul get the idea from the internet. Even the roleplaying in bed and all. Well, maybe Heechul just like to experiment. Or maybe he just like to play around. Which one is it, he doesn't really know. But Heechul is always so unpredictable, it's hard to guess what he will do next. But he didn't really mind, he actually enjoyed it as well. And he is happy that Heechul only does these things with him.

As his mind wander what will happen next, his eyes fall from Heechul's smirk down to his already now too tight pants. The bulge was so obvious and he wonder why hasn't Heechul strip just yet. "Where are you staring at, Shikkie?~" Hyungshik blushed at that question, Heechul caught him staring at his crotch. He look up to meet those naughty eyes again. He purposely let go of the ball, spitting it out to get Heechul to listen to him, "Chul hyung, if you don't strip, I won't play with you anymore." He laughed a bit in the inside, he liked to surprise Heechul as much as Heechul like to surprise him. Heechul smirked at that but then he fake a pout, "You don't wanna play anymore? Okay then, I'll play with myself. He ran his fingers on Hyungshik's back, "Since you don't wanna play with me... I'll stop here," he said, stopping his wandering finger just right there, so close to Hyungshik's hole. Hyungshik just look at him, with a displeased and disbelieve look. He kind of believe that Heechul will not do what he said he would. And he'd touch him more but he was proven wrong when Heechul came to him, kissing his lips before playing with his tongue a little and stop just when it's getting good again. Heechul seperated from him, a line of thin, almost cant be seen saliva connecting them before smirking and walking away from the younger.

This is... not the reaction he expected from Heechul. He thought Heechul would be angry when he did that or demonstrate his dominance but Heechul just left and Hyungshik find himself staring at Heechul's ass. He sighed a bit, why does all he get is only staring at Heechul's body? Clothed one at that. He pull his hands, trying to get himself off the table. But the knot is very secured and he can't get himself out of it. "Heechul hyung~ If you don't wanna play anymore, at least release me?" he made a cute face, blinking when Heechul turn his head to look at him. "Ah, why you want a release?" Heechul smiled a big cat grin. Hyungshik wanted to bang his head on the table, Heechul makes his request sounded so... wrong. But he'd like to play along, "Yeah, Chul hyung, please?" Heechul came back to him, face so close to each other, "And what kind of release are you searching for..." he kissed Hyungshik, and Hyungshik replied. 'Why does Heechul have to be so sexy in everything he does? even in talking...' Hyungshik mused in his head. Heechul's tongue touched here and there, the sensitive spots inside of Hyungshik's mouth and Hyungshik couldn't help but moan. Heechul is a real talent when it comes to kissing and Hyungshik knew just how many boys and girls Heechul had surrendering themselves to him after a kiss from him.

But as always, Heechul's unpredictability always surprise everybody, he himself alot of times and this time he was surprised that Heechul broke the kiss off just when the knots are solved. Hyungshik find his hands free and Heechul smiled, "Happy now?" He blinked and smiled back, "Very..." before pulling Heechul in for another kiss. Heechul protested, "Well, you said you don't wanna play with me anymore?" Heechul look away, pouting. Hyungshik bit his lips, so, this how he want to play it, okay. He pushed Heechul and Heechul fell on the couch, with Hyungshik on top of him. "Well, I lied~" His hand quickly caressed Heechul's obvious bulge and Heechul moaned. "Don't you want me, Chullie hyung?~" he whispered to Heechul's ears while adding more force on Heechul's clothed erection. He knew Heechul wanted him and he wanted Heechul as well. Heechul smriked and licked his lips, "Since when did you become so naughty, Shikkie?" Hyungshik's other hand caressed Heechul's cheek, and then down to his neck and to his chest, "Since... you taught me to..." and he kissed Heechul again. This time Heechul didn't protest and his hands goes straight to Hyungshik's ass cheeks, squeezing it.

Hyungshik moaned into their mouth and Heechul teased him by rubbing his hole with his two fingers. When they broke the kiss for air, Heechul licked Hyungshik's lips, "Mmm, I think I need some lube here or, do you want it dry, Shikkie baby?" Hyungshik took Heechul's hand and suck on the two fingers that was supposed to be in, preparing him. He coated them with enough saliva to ensure that it wouldn't hurt as much tomorrow morning. The now wet finger goes back to where it was supposed to be and he pushed them in, into the tight muscles. "Ahhh~ Heechul hyung~" Finally, they're on it. Hyungshik closed his eyes, to concentrate on the feel of the two fingers inside. Heechul smiled and kissed his lover's neck, "Hmm, Shikkie, don't you think you need to lubricate the other one too?" Hyungshik's eyes shot open and he stared into his lover's face. Heechul had the smirk on. It makes Hyungshik feel like wanting to bite him, since that grin look so evil and teasing. "Yeah..." he replied breathily, eyes falling down to Heechul's crotch. He unbotton Heechul's tight pants and unzip it, all the while feeling his lover's up. "Heechul hyung~ Can we move there? It's hard to suck you like this," Hyungshik said, licking his lips. Heechul smiled, "Of course~" and they moved to the side so that they have more room.

Just when they are positioned right, Hyungshik didn't waste time to slip his hand into Heechul's boxer and get his prize out. He stroked it a while before licking it, making the older moan. The two fingers enters him again and he sucked on Heechul's dick while Heechul's preparing him. Heechul's fingers curl inside and it hits Hyungshik's prostate inside. Hyungshik let out a moan, which send little vibrations to Heechul's erection. Damn, that feels good, Heechul thought. He pushed into the spot more, making Hyungshik moan even more. He enjoyed making Hyungshik needy of him and he certainly enjoy the extras in Hyungshik's blowjob but if he kept on playing like this, he knew Hyungshik would come some time soon. He stopped his ministration and lift Hyungshik's face up, kissing him. "You want me?" he asked Hyungshik and Hyungshik nodded. "Then, take it." Hyungshik understood what Heechul means and he placed his ass on top of Heechul's erection, angling it so that it is right at his hole.

He lowered himself down slowly and enjoy the feeling of Heechul's erection filling him. "Haaah~" Heechul watched Hyungshik's expression. He was so turned on with how Hyungshik look right now. Hyungshik look as if he just got his addictive fix and he was actually enjoying this. He grab Hyungshik's forgotten arousal, stroking it. It helps in making Hyungshik's body get used to the intrusion. The ring was still on and for some reason he thinks Hyungshik's package has grown bigger. He thumb the slits and precums pooled. When Hyungshik felt that he's ready, he held on Heechul's shoulders and started thrusting himself onto Heechul. "Heechul hyung~" he called out Heechul's name. The sounds of Hyungshik's voice calling him is so beautiful. Heechul continued to stroke Hyungshik and he kissed his chest, feeling Hyungshik's loud heartbeat while Hyungshik help himself to pleasure himself. Heechul admire Hyungshik's skin, they are soft, like babies. That thought somehow made Heechul smile, well, Hyungshik does look like himself as a kid. It almost look as if Hyungshik never grow up, only that he grows taller and bigger. And hornier. Heechul accidentally let out a moan when Hyungshik's pace started to get faster and hyungshik smiled at that, knowing that he is doing it right. The feeling of being inside of Hyungshik is always so mindblowing and Hyungshik is so hot, he wonder if the boy knew just how addicted Heechul is to him.

Hyungshik on the other hand was so lost in pleasure now. He's thrusting himself onto Heechul and that just feels so good. The added stimulation of Heechul's hand stroking him made it even harder for him to even think, he just go with it. So he kept on going up and down. His mouth was open, since he can't breathe right and he could hear himself moan. Heechul's tongue on his chest makes it hard for Hyungshik to lower his voice. Heechul would have asked Hyungshik to lower his voice, since everybody's sleeping but he didn't want Hyungshik to stop. Plus, he love the sound Hyungshik is making, it gets him turned even on. "H-Heechul hy-hyung. I-I'm close." Heechul stroked Hyungshik's dick faster and thrust himself in, meeting Hyungshik to fasten the pace. He can feel his coming close too. Hyungshik's moans started to get louder and the thrust gets faster. After a few more thrust, Hyungshik came, spurting his white liquid to Heechul's shirt with a scream. Heechul continued to pound inside of his lover, he is so close and not long after that he came as well, inside of his shivering lover. Hyungshik fell on top Heechul who let himself fall on couch, resting, trying to catch up with their breath and the aftermath of the love making.

After a minute, Hyungshik gets off Heechul, and the cock ring fell from his now limping dick. Heechul catches it and smiled, "How does it feel to have this on?" Hyungshik scratches his head, "Uhmmm, I don't know. I forgot it was there." Heechul made a face, "Really? Hmm~ Well, never mind then." Hyungshik kissed Heechul on the lips, a light one, "Heechul hyung, I think we need to clean up... fast." They both look up at the clock, it's almost 3AM. Both of them then looked around them. They had made some mess and it's all over the place. Hyungshik look back to Heechul, 'Oh why am I the only one naked?' he asked himself, staring at the still fully clothed Heechul. It seems that Heechul had fixed his pants. "So, let's do it," Hyungshik said, as he started picking up his scattered clothing items. Heechul nodded and they clean up the place before cleaning themself up, just a short one since they need the sleep more. "Shikkie-ah~ Let's play something else next time," Heechul said, smiling sweetly to his lover. Hyungshik gaped, does this mean he has... new ideas or... new toys? He's doomed, Hyungshik sweated.

"Finally... they shut up," Junyoung groaned. Minwoo laughed at that, "Hyung~ you want the visual one?" Siwan slapped Minwoo's back and Minwoo laughed again. "You mean you have videos of them?" Kwanghee suddenly asked out of nowhere. "Oh hey, Kwanghee hyung, I thought you were sleeping," Minwoo said, hugging Siwan who's trying to have Minwoo shut up. "Well, I was sleeping but they are so loud," Kwanghee complaints. "Okay okay, let's just get our short sleep. Tomorrow we can kick both Heechul and Hyungshik for interrupting our sleep," said the leader. The room gets quiet for a while before, "Minwoo, you really have the video?" asked Kevin before Junyoung throw a pillow to him.


A/N: This is made specially for my lovely Eiji Satoshi the crazy Heeshik shipper xD And for some reason this is so... weirdly cracked I don't even know what I'm writing OTL But I don't know how to fix it so... >,< Enjoy it? Hahahaha


unf this is HOT
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NC-21 smut fic in the making for you rn 8D