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Too Late Second Mix

Title: Too Late First Remix
Author: Ila Way!
Pairing: HeeShik, KevShik, HeeWoo, HeeWan, one sided TaeChul, MoonWoo, KwangSi, KwangChul idek LOL
Genre: Romance/ Angst? (a little)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I may not own Heechul or Hyungshik, but I own the right to pamper them with lots of love and... presents? I WANT YOU JUNG HEECHUL
Summary: Two new face enters the scene. Minwoo kept on running away and that caused Taehun to...
Warning: unbeta-ed, grammatical errors, boy's love content
A/N: The next chapter will be a present for ichijo_rui 
Warning: Emo Hyungshik, 3 boys hospitalized and... no smut.

You might want to read (Too Late) first before (Too Late Part 2). Then, you may proceed reading (Too Late First Remix) so if you still like it, you can read (Too Late Second Mix) and wait for the last chapter.