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Too Late Second Mix [the left out part]

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Siwan was up an hour after he closed his eyes, to Heechul's chest. He closed his eyes back, breathing out with his mouth after inhaling Heechul's scent. For some reason he feel so lazy to even move, maybe because it just get too comfortable and he was ready to resume his sleep back. But suddenly his cell phone rang, that song that used as the ringtone playing, annoying him. He sighed in frustration and Heechul shifted a bit, he must have heard that too. He moved a bit to get his cell phone on the night stand and clicked on the answer button. Sighing again with half awake mind, he asked, "Who is this?"
"Sunbae, are you free now?" asked the caller, it sounded like something important but Siwan figure out that it must have something to do with the student council.
The receiver sighed a bit, "I asked who are you and no, I'm not free now." Siwan was annoyed. Even though his dongsaeng called at the allowed time, it still pisses him off sometimes. He just wish that he will never get a call for school matters.
"Ah, I'm sorry. This is Kwanghaeng. Hyung, when will you be free today? I needed to talk." The sound of his voiced hinted that he was nervous. Siwan suspected it must be something bad.
He looked at Heechul. His eyes were still closed. No, he don't have the mood to hear bad news. Bad news ruins his mood. "Uhm, I'll just text you when I'm free. This number, right?"
"Yes, sunbae."
"I'll go now," Siwan was lazy, and after he heard "Okay, sunbae." from the caller, he clicked the red button and threw his cell phone on the nightstand again. He dragged his eyes to Heechul again wondered, if he should hug Heechul again and cuddle or get up and maybe cook something for him. His eyes were fixed on Heechul while thinking, and his thoughts were distracted when he stared at Heechul's pale skin. He wonder how can a man be so pale. He used to see pale woman but he learned that some girls are like that but it's rare to see pale guys. He find himself so attracted to Heechul's pale skin, because it made Heechul look like a porcelain doll and for some weird reason he actually kinda like porcelain doll. He smiled, and he decided to get up. He can sleep no more anyway.

He slowly get himself out of the bed, worrying that he'd wake Heechul in the process. When he was standing straight with both of his legs, he walked out of the room, straight to the kitchen. He was dissapointed to see there's nothing there that's worth to be cooked or eaten. "Ah, well, I guess ordering them wouldn't be so bad." He looked over his phonebook and found the number he was searching for. He thought maybe Heechul wouldn't mind to have his dinner delivered as well so he called, ordering food for two. After he was done, he went back to his bedroom. Heechul was up, reading a text from his cellphone. He saw Heechul's sleepy face turned into a frown and he dared himself to ask, "What's wrong?"
Heechul looked up to him and wondered for a while if he should say it or not. But his tongue slipped, "I forgot about Minwoo."
The older of them two's eyes widened, "Ah, you're supposed to meet him this evening." He remember Minwoo's tears and that shook him. He watched Heechul get up from the bed and he felt like pushing him down back, he didn't want Heechul to meet Minwoo. He was selfish but knowing Heechul, he didn't dare to say a thing. Heechul took his sweater and walked out of the room, with Siwan following him.
"So, we're going to meet him now?" asked Siwan. He was hoping a 'no' for answer but Heechul dissapoint him with a nod.

They both went to the cafe Minwoo was supposed to be waiting at and saw Minwoo talking to someone. Someone that has somehow familiar face.

Minwoo waited for Heechul. He knew he should have gone back home right now but he couldn't help it, his body won't move and he himself didn't want to leave. Leaving this cafe means walking away from their love, their relationship, that's just how much he feared walking away right now. He was nervous every single time ticking, and he believe, Heechul will be here in any second. So, he breathe in and out, trying to calm his nerves in ever single breath. He closed his eyes for a moment and laughed a bit when what he sees in the dark is Heechul. It's just that hard to let go of him, to let go of Heechul. His mind went running to wondering what if he and Heechul can't be like how it was before. He shook his head, no, not thinking of that. 'Not thinking of that, not thinking of that' he tells himself when his eyes begin to wet. He opened his eyes and "Ahh!" he exclaimed, shocket to see someone so close to his face. His eyes went big and his heart beats like crazy in shock.

The person standing really close to him smiled, "Did I made your heart go beating like the thunder?" He laughed.
Minwoo gave him a weird look, thinking if this guy in front of him is right in the mind. "Ah, you shocked me." He thought of not replying and just look away but he guess talking with someone would help this time go faster.
"What are you doing closing your eyes, shooking your head anyway?" His laugh sounded kind of sexy, and that quickly reminds him of Heechul. Heechul always had this unique laugh, you can always tell it's him even with other people laughing around. Minwoo's mind went running to Heechul, and he was lost in his thoughts until the same guy in front of him clap his hand in front of his face. He was shocked for the second time of the day and he looked at the smiling guy with wide eyes. He laughed, "Well, you seem to be so lost in your thought. For a cute guy like you, I thought of just kissing you then you'd wake up but since this is our first time meeting, that wouldn't be so appropriate, would it?"
Minwoo blinked and blushed a bit when those words register his mind. Cute? He knew he's cute. That's his weapon to get Heechul. "Ah, just... never mind." He sighed, "Why are you here anyway?"
He didn't mean it at all, it just slipped out. But the guy seems happy to have a question to answer, "I don't know. I was on my way home but I stopped by because I saw you. You seem to be in trouble though. Is there anything I can help you with?"

'Help me? Right, you don't even know me. And would you even help if you know what my problem is?' he thought inside. He sighed again, "But I don't even know your name..." he mumbled, but the other seems to catch it.
"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Junyoung, Moon Junyoung. And what would your name be?" His smile shines, through the dark night. Minwoo felt something inside but he didn't know what it is. When Junyoung offered his hand, Minwoo hesitantly take it, "Hi, I'm Minwoo, Ha Minwoo."
"Minwoo. I'll call you Minwoo then. That's a cute name. I had a friend named Minwoo too. But he wasn't as cute as you."
Minwoo smiled, this Junyoung is really good with words. He nodded, and Junyoung asked him, "So, why are you here?"
He looked at Junyoung and thought about how to answer this. Hesitantly, "Well, I'm waiting for someone."
"What? You have a partner already? I knew someone as cute as you wouldn't be single." Junyoung faked a pout and that made Minwoo laugh a bit.
"Well, it's a sad story though. I bet someone who talk as sweet as you wouldn't be single too," Minwoo counter attacked, making Junyoung smile a bit shyly.

Just when he was about offer Junyoung to sit with him inside, he saw Heechul and his mind automaticly went blank. His eyes met the other. He could hear Junyoung talking to him but nothing registers in his brain. It felt as if time stopped moving. Heechul's eyes were darker than what he used to see before and when heechul blinked, he blinked as well. It was then he noticed someone else beside Heechul, Siwan. Siwan seems nervous, he wonder if he knew anything about him and Heechul. Junyoung stopped talking when he saw Minwoo stoned, looking at... 'Isn't that the boy from this afternoon?' Junyoung's eyes widened. 'What's his name, uhh, what.. yeah, Heechul. What.. Jung heechul I think.'


A/N: Oh heyy, update. >,< /bricked for being so late. No, don't blame me, blame life. But I did finish this in the end, for ichijo_rui [honestly, she's the reason why this is here LOL if not bcoz of her, it'd be later >,<] and haha I'm sorry to have sent 3 of the boys to the hospital. And no smut for this chappie? >,< So the next will have double then 8D



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